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the Unexplored The series is enjoying a significant resurgence thanks to Tom Holland’s role as the titular character in a film based on the video game series. The Adventures of Nathan Drake spanned over four major titles, while there’s also a notable spin-off that stars Choe Frazer.

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The games are known for imparting some wisdom as well as the usual treasure hunting experience, which is more than likely to show up in the movies as well. Many of the characters’ quotes allude to their personalities, so it’s worth digging into them to understand how their mindset works and what lessons fans can learn from it.


nathan drake

“As exciting as the next adventure may be, in the end you still have the same feeling.”

Sam and Nate Drake on a motorcycle in Uncharted 4

Although he likes to joke around, Nate is probably the smartest character in Unexplored because he knows when to walk away. He made this quote at the end of Uncharted 4where he told Sam that he realized that participating in scavenger hunts ultimately wasn’t satisfying, as it just made him feel empty.

Sam acknowledged Nate’s words but lacked the courage to retire like Nate did, with the latter ending his adventures after this revelation. Nate was right in his belief since he had been on so many hunts but never felt fulfilled like he did when he decided to settle down with Elena.

Victor Sullivan

“You’ve got all your pride tangled up in there. It makes you reckless. I taught you better than that.”

Nate turns away from Sully in Uncharted 3

Sully is generally a funny guy who’s had his fair share of memes from Unexplored fans for the way he behaves. Yet he also had many moments of wisdom, with Uncharted 3 revealing that Sully was the one who essentially raised Nate and was the latter’s mentor growing up.

He had this to say when Nate went to great lengths to fight Katherine Marlowe, in a treasure hunt that saw Chloe and Charlie back out because it wasn’t worth it. Seeing Sully being so serious about a change proved he knew when it was time to be realistic and how to appeal to Nate.

Elena Fisher

“Nothing worthwhile comes easy.”

Elena Fisher looks worried in a jungle in Uncharted 4

Nate admired Elena mainly because she had the same tenacity of spirit as him but was firmly committed to the idea of ​​justice rather than personal gain. Uncharted 4Elena’s climax saw Elena arrive on the island to save Nate, even though she was angry that he lied to her and ended up in such a fatal scenario.

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Nate was unsure if she would stay and claimed it was dangerous, to which Elena responded with this quote. What makes it so good is the fact that she was actually referencing her relationship with Nate, as she fought to save their marriage and made sure to see her husband on the adventure.

Samuel Drake

“I always felt we were destined for something big.”

Those who had offered fan theories on Reddit about the Unexplored The film turned out to be correct in thinking that it will feature Nate’s brother Sam. The elder Drake was more adventurous in spirit and used this quote to convince his younger brother that they were meant to be treasure hunters.

The quote also sums up Sam’s personality, as it expresses his wanderlust and flair for the unknown. Sam couldn’t resist staying in the hunter life because that was all he knew how to do. It was obvious when Uncharted 4The epilogue of revealed that he retired about two decades after Nate did.

Nadine Ross

“I couldn’t wait to kick your ass again.”

The Unexplored Lost Legacy Nadine Ross

Those who haven’t played Uncharted: The Lost Legacy did not discover the fact that Nadine becomes an ally later. She was a villain in the fourth entry but returned as Chloe’s partner in the spin-off, eventually befriending Sam as well, despite their original antagonism.

Nadine utters this when she sees her former enemy again, referencing their past interaction where she absolutely overpowered him in a fight. Although Nadine has her detractors, there’s no doubt that she’s a sheer force, and the way she delivered this line carries a lot of style.

nathan drake

“The greatness of small beginnings…”

Nathan Drake Uncharted 3

Those words were inscribed on the ring Nate carried with him through the first three games. They inspired him to accept Sam’s claims about their fate, as Nate felt a kinship with Francis Drake based on the ring and what it was supposed to mean.

They paralleled Nate’s own journey since he discovered wonderful bits of history no one else knew about, which was a far cry from the orphanage he once dreamed of escaping from. In the end, Nate managed to live up to the words that pushed him and achieve greatness as he intended.

Zoran Lazarevic

“Compassion is the enemy. Mercy defeats us.”

Zoran Lazarevic aims for chewing gum in Uncharted 2

Lazarevic is widely considered the best antagonist in the series for his no-holds-barred attitude and pure evil nature. He established his villainy earlier but really showed it when he executed his own man when Nate tried to use him as bargaining chip to escape.

Lazarevic claimed that the most feared people in history were “great men” because they had the will to kill their own people and achieve greatness. The other villains seemed to have something holding them back, while Lazarevic went all-in on his evil nature to become Nate’s biggest challenge yet.

Chloe Frazer

“You’re both mental… But let’s save your bloody world.”

Chloe Frazer talks to Nate in Uncharted 2

Chloe is a fan favorite because she resembles Nate in many ways, but has a few extra anti-hero elements. His allegiance was up in the air for Uncharted 2 but it was confirmed that she was with Nate at the end, although she still wanted to escape Shambhala rather than arrest Lazarevic.

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Chloe’s inner good came through, however, when Elena and Nate asked her to join them in fighting Lazarevic and saving the world, to which Chloe responded with this quote. It proved that while she wasn’t a hero in the traditional sense, her heart was in the right place.

Victor Sullivan

“True greatness is what you do with the hand dealt to you.”

uncharted 4 notes of drake and sully

Sully comforted Nate for losing the ring at the end of Uncharted 3 emphasizing that he didn’t need something to symbolize the greatness Nate wanted to pursue. Additionally, Sully asserted that Nate should consider personal happiness over any pursuit of adventure and encouraged him to reconcile with Elena.

The hand Nate received at that time was that the treasure hunt had brought him back to Elena, who he had been estranged from. Sully’s words motivated Nate to try to reconcile with his wife, which brought him far more happiness than any treasure in the world.

nathan drake

“I don’t know. I didn’t think that far.”

Nate talks to Elena in Uncharted 2

Nathan’s slogan during Uncharted 2 seemed to be that quote, which he repeated several times when it was the last thing he should have said. He said it again at the end of the story when Elena asked him what he was planning to do now that the adventure was over.

The point of the quote was to portray Nate’s laid-back energy that had gotten him this far, as he had decided to be with Elena but wasn’t going to think about where it would go. Nate’s way of thinking was basically to live by those words since he was used to getting by and making the most of what he had.

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