10 Video Game Series That Must Be On The Play Date

When Panic Inc. announced it was working on a new handheld console in 2019, it immediately caught the attention of many due to its simple design and developer potential. The company was founded in 1997 and primarily worked on software for Apple products before entering the world of video game publishing in 2016. After publishing just two games, the highly regarded Firewatch and Untitled Goose Game, Panic conceived an idea for the Playdate and shifted its focus to its development.

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The Playdate is a small yellow square that only has a D-pad and two buttons. Oh, and it also features a crank on the side that’s already been used for creative gameplay mechanics like time travel and riding a surfboard. Its screen displays only black and white, but games look great on its LCD. The Playdate is an open-source console, which means anyone can develop games for it, but there are pre-existing series that would feel right at home.


ten paper mario

Paper Mario games typically take you through huge environments that look like beautiful dioramas or pages from a pop-up book. While not possible on Playdate, the concept of the series and its gameplay could easily be adapted into an interesting hardware adventure.

Instead of navigating 3D areas, the game could tell a linear story that requires you to turn the crank to move forward. While the battle system was similar to the original Paper Mario games, you could use face buttons to attack and use action commands in intense turn-based battles.

9 fire watch

Whether it’s Untitled Goose Game or Firewatch, it’s surprising that Panic didn’t include a spin-off or reference to either world on their console. It’s much easier to imagine the latter of the two going to the Playdate, perhaps as a 2D or first-person adventure.

It could be an interesting way to tell the story of the original game or maybe even a new one. They would need to replace voice acting for text, while addressing puzzles and exploration with limited mechanics. Either way, Firewatch on Playdate could still be an ambient yet complex journey.

Skyrim has notoriously appeared on almost every console for the past decade. It’s even been available to play on Alexa devices since 2018. The Skyrim: Very Special Edition trailer jokingly showed Keegan-Michael Key playing the game on an Etch A Sketch, and now it’s pretty easy to imagine it working. on the small handheld device.

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Because Playdate allows sideloading, chances are Skyrim will find its way onto the platform even without an official release from Bethesda. It didn’t take long for Doom to run on the console, so hopefully more ports of amazing games are on the horizon. Playing through this epic adventure using just a few buttons and a crank could become a new twist on an old adventure.

7 zero escape

The Zero Escape series consists of a trilogy of games that follow a group of aliens who have been taken prisoner and must play various deadly games that will test their stamina and mutual trust. Each entry experiments with concepts like The Monty Hall Problem to tell twisted and exciting stories.

When playing any of the Zero Escape games, you’ll spend most of your time reading, solving puzzles, or making decisions that affect who lives, who dies, and the story as a whole. Each of these elements could be translated on Playdate for a journey that stretches as you turn the crank to an unknowable outcome.

6 robot astro

Over the years, Astro Bot has become the ultimate mascot to showcase new hardware with creative game design and compelling levels. Astro Bot Rescue Mission used PSVR to create one of the platform’s most immersive adventures, while Astro’s Playroom demonstrated the potential of the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

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While Sony is unlikely to allow any of its studios to commit the time and resources to a Playdate game, Team Asobi developers could create an incredible Astro Bot experience that could eventually break new ground in the implementation of crank or use Playdate’s monochromatic display in interesting ways.

5 The Dark Pictures Anthology

Similar to the Zero Escape series, The Dark Pictures Anthology follows a group of people as they descend into chaos. Each game forces you to make decisions that will affect the outcome of the story and who will survive the test. The production value of games is usually high, as they usually include celebrity cameos and gorgeous visuals.

It would be interesting if Supermassive Games decided to use the crank on the Playdate the same way a crank works on a Jack-in-the-box. You would need to crank the crank to move your character forward, but it could also cause a monster to jump on you at any time. You can still use the face buttons to make game-changing decisions, as long as you can handle the tension of an inevitable jump scare. This would be a great game to play from the comfort of a cover fort.

4 mom who cooks

Cooking Mama almost seems too perfect for the Playdate. The simulation game could teach you new recipes while using the device’s limited control scheme creatively and effectively. There hasn’t been a new entry in the series since Cooking Mama: Cookstar, but a new title on Playdate could help revive its reputation.

The hand crank can be used in multiple ways, from grating cheese to crushed chili peppers to other cooking-based activities. It could even crank you at specific speeds to avoid kitchen problems like over-boiling water and over-whipped eggs. The game could also be updated seasonally to include new recipes to learn and master.

3 Fishing Rapala

After looking at Playdate, one of the first games you might expect to find there would be a fishing simulator. Holding the console with the crank is very reminiscent of holding a fishing rod and the two feel like a match made in heaven. Surprisingly, there isn’t a solid fishing game yet, but the right developer might be able to entice an audience with their expertise in the genre.

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There isn’t really a dominant brand in the fishing simulator genre, but Rapala is one of the oldest and most consistent franchises around. The series’ developers created games exclusively for the Kinect and even released a fishing rod peripheral with several of their Wii titles that required you to cast your Nunchuck like a reel.

2 Katamar

The Playdate’s crank is versatile, and developers have a ton of potential to find new ways to implement it into their titles. Grinding salt or fishing are natural ways to use it in video games, but what about using it to roll every person, animal, and thing in your way into a giant ball to impress a cosmic god? ?

Katamari is a third-person puzzle game series that requires you to roll everything you see into a ball to help recreate stars and planets. Its simple principle could be adapted to the Playdate by making you turn the crank to move forward or backward while using the D-pad to change direction. Its presentation could be interesting on the small screen and showcase a new way to play a fan-favorite game.

1 WarioWare

Since WarioWare’s inception, the series has constantly found new ways to play and enjoy games. WarioWare: Twisted! for the Game Boy Advance came with a gyro sensor because you had to spin your console to play its microgames. Even Game & Wario for the Wii U have found creative new ways to use the GamePad for single and multiplayer games.

The developers behind the series would have fun creating new microgames featuring their stellar characters and infamously hilarious gameplay. Each entry in the series usually only requires a few buttons, and the inclusion of the crank can only mean another opportunity for Wario to try and get rich and succeed.

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