2022 MLB All-Star Game live updates: AL wins on consecutive home runs

Clayton Kershaw and Blake Grice pose for a photo in a Dodger Stadium press conference room on Tuesday.

(Barrie Grice)

10-year-old aspiring journalist Blake Grice sat down with Clayton Kershaw to wrap up his post-match press conference.

Grice, who came with his family from Colorado to cover the game for his YouTube channel, said his grandfather, Torrance resident Graham Grice, died of cancer before he had the chance to tick off his goal. bucket list to meet Kershaw and Vin Scully.

Blake cried telling Kershaw “it was a very important moment for me”.

Kershaw replied, “aww, mate” and hugged Blake. They posed for a photo after Kershaw comforted Blake.

After Kershaw’s departure, Blake attempted to describe his moment with the All-Star pitcher: “I don’t have the words. I’m just very happy.

Here is a transcript of the conversation:

Kershaw: Oh, what’s up man?

Grace: Hello, I just want to come here. Um, this one was a bit special. So, I’m Billy Grice. I’m from Denver, Colorado, and I want to tell you a quick little story. So my grandfather loved you. He watched the 1988 series. And he wanted to meet you and Vin Scully someday. So this moment is important for me because I meet you for him. He was from Redondo Beach and not long ago, a few years ago, he died of brain cancer…

Kershaw: Oh, come here, man. Nice to meet you. Thank you for telling me. It took a lot of courage to tell myself that, I appreciate that. Nice to meet you. Your grandpa sounded like a great guy, huh? Thanks for coming. It took a lot of courage, man. It was awesome.

Brian: Thank you for your time.

Kershaw: Yeah. Absolutely. Thanks for coming. … Do you have a relative here or anything? (laughs, then dad is shown and takes a picture).