A Hit Game Show Didn’t Air This Week – Here’s Why

Game shows are a weekly — even daily — treat for many TV fans. The light energy and thrill of seeing other fans or celebrities go head-to-head in games is a nice break from everyday life, with many game shows even working into their routines. However, a game show was interrupted this week, surely upsetting some fans’ schedules. The G4 Game Show give me your price was nowhere to be found on last week’s schedule, meaning fans couldn’t get enough of online personalities guessing the prices of offbeat items.

While this will surely be a bummer for G4 viewers, fans shouldn’t worry about missing more episodes for a while. give me your price typically takes a week off from airing each month to give its staff a break and prepare for the next batch of episodes. No guests have yet been named for the next episode, which will likely air on September 1. However, fans are waiting for feedback from Quackery and Karl Jacobswhich were featured in the Season 2 trailer but have yet to appear this season.

The first two episodes of give me your price Season 2 featured plenty of stars online, including Bella Poarch, Valkyrae, Hasan Piker, Sykkuno, Fuslie, Peter Park, and Cyr. Poarch’s appearance was particularly noteworthy as it led to a pair of viral clips. In one, JustaMinx “proposed” to the “Dolls” singer midway through the episode, and in another, the TikTok personality made an embarrassing blunder when she guessed an incorrect answer that Piker had just guessed a few moments before.

give me your price is hosted by AustinShow and Will Neff, with JustaMinx serving as the article presenter. New episodes typically air Thursdays at 5 p.m. ET via AustinShow’s Twitch channel and G4’s Twitch and YouTube channels. The show is past episodes are streamed via YouTube. You can also still catch reruns when they air on G4’s linear TV channel and live streaming hubs like G4 Select, the network’s Pluto TV channel.