AEW Fight Forever had a big screen for the Tokyo Game Show

More than just a wrestling game.

AEW Fight Forever is the first wrestling game to come out of AEW in its three-year run. It was previously announced, and the team, both in terms of game developers and wrestlers, worked hard to bring it to life and make it grand. They try to make it feel and “flow” like the wrestling matches they have within AEW, as well as give players the freedom to go and do whatever they want. Something that surprised a lot of people, however, is that during the Gamescom event in Germany and the recent Tokyo Game Show, they held live events while showing off the gameplay of the title.

By “live events” we mean how, during the three days of Tokyo Game Show, they had an AEW ring setup and had some of their male and female wrestlers on hand to make matches. They even brought in new wrestlers from various Japanese promotions to help fill out the roster and do special matches.

Some of you might be thinking, “Why is this important?” Well, as a certain “Megamind” once said, the difference here is “Presentation!” Because here they don’t just engage the fans by making the title playable in demo form where a lot of footage was shown and they had a nice set of characters to choose from in the male characters and feminine, but having matches to show the brand too.

Also, it would be best if you remember that at events like these, not everyone who attends the show is able to play a demo. The queues are often very long and therefore sometimes you can only watch clips. But with them doing live matches, they can “discover” what the game might be like when they play it. Because once again, AEW Fight Forever tries to replicate the feeling of having a real match within AEW. But with some small differences in terms of movements, scenarios, etc. Oh, and you can have cross-gender matches in the 1v1 style instead of the tag team style, which AEW honestly didn’t do at the behest of its founder Tony Khan.

AEW as a whole has tried to maintain its momentum even despite some behind-the-scenes issues, and this display at the Tokyo Game Show underscores that. As for their main show, Dynamite, they have been either #1 or #2 on cable on Wednesday nights for four straight months. If they can add a successful video game to their list? It would be a huge victory.

Source: Twitter