AMC Networks is developing a series of Adapt video games


AMC is developing an exciting new series based on a favorite action-adventure video game series the first episode of which was released in 2010. The series also comes around the same time that building excitement is building for the next episode, Alan Wake 2, which was announced in December 2021 during The Game Awards. Here’s a preview of an official preview to help everyone keep up to date:

Alice, the wife of best-selling writer Alan Wake, mysteriously disappears while on vacation in the idyllic town of Bright Falls. As Wake begins to find pages of a thriller he doesn’t remember writing, Bright Falls becomes much more sinister. A dark and malevolent presence begins to possess the townspeople and taunt Wake, driving him to the edge of sanity as he tries to unravel a deeper and deeper mystery and find Alice.

Alan Wake is a critically acclaimed video game and cinematic thriller inspired by classic horror works, with a deep mystery at its heart. The game is from Remedy Entertainment, creators of the award-winning game Control. A spin-off of the original game, Alan Wake’s American Nightmarecame out in 2012. Sam Lake Remedy Entertainment’s creative director, announced “AMC, the wonderful, wonderful home for absolutely awesome TV shows, has purchased the rights to ‘Alan Wake.’ more to share at this time, but we’ll definitely let you know when there’s something to announce.”

Alan Wake has been discussed back in 2018 as a possible series, but now it’s becoming a reality with AMC buying the rights to move forward with this adaptation. A lot of video game adaptations are going to be series, like The last of us at HBO and To fall at Prime Video. Celebrating twelve years since the first release of Alan Wake, an anniversary celebration and the announcement of the series are exciting. Let us know in the comments below if you’re excited about the series or played the game!

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