Betty White’s Best Game Show Appearances

Photo by Brian To / Getty Images for The Lifeline Program.

The end Betty Blanche is and always will be a pop culture legend. But before being America’s Golden Girl, Betty was the first lady of game shows, reigning the genre at a time when game shows were big business.

Over the course of her long and illustrious career, White has appeared in over 30 different game shows, often becoming a regular guest of many of them. She even hosted a few and became the first woman to win a Daytime Emmy for Best Game Show Host when she hosted. Just men! in 1983.

If you want to look back on Betty White’s legendary career, you just need to include her legendary game show appearances. Here are 10 of the best.

10. The strange couple’s game Password

A rare moment when Betty’s love for sitcoms and game shows collided, this 1972 episode of the classic sitcom The strange couple sees Oscar and Felix appear on the show Password. Naturally, they find themselves facing Betty, a regular in the real Password Pin up. Of course, both Felix and Oscar struggle with the game, resulting in glorious reactions from Betty and great aftershocks.

9. Password More perfection

While Betty got a lot of laughs on every show she was on, she was also a great player, guiding celebrities and ordinary people to high scores and big prizes. Nowhere is this better seen than in this Password More clip where the hint to Betty’s expert leads to a big win for her teammate, showing she was as smart as she was funny.

8. Fish frolic

An oft-overlooked part of Betty’s comedy were her facial expressions. She was able to have a tumultuous laugh with a smirk or a mime at the right time. This clip demonstrates it perfectly, as Betty’s reaction to her actor’s responses makes the ride endlessly funnier. His quip of “I can handle either the audience or my friends.” But I can’t handle you both ”is a legendary and very quotable line.

7. Betty White and Allen Ludden’s first show after the wedding

In 1963, Betty White married game show host Allen Ludden. The couple had fantastic chemistry, and nowhere is that more evident than in this episode of Password. Ludden hosted Password from 1961 to 1980, and he and White met while filming the series. This episode was the first show recorded after White and Ludden’s honeymoon, and you can see the couple are having a great time together as their charm radiates off the screen.

6. A record victory

Due to White’s long career, she has had many record breaking moments. This includes that moment, when a lucky competitor set the record for the most money won on Matching game with a fabulous (albeit slightly quaint today) price tag of $ 5,000. The clip also shows one of Betty’s best qualities: her heart. You can tell that despite the fun of the laughs, she really wanted to see the contestants come home with good prizes, illustrating that she knew when to take the game seriously to secure a big win.

5. Betty is streaking

Whenever celebrities talk about Betty White, they always say that she was a fantastic sport, ready to punchline any joke as long as it gets a laugh. This was often shown on the long-running show Matching game, where she was often ripped off by the other panelists. Here, Betty and the panel are asked to answer the question: “Whenever I [Betty] streaking, Allen Ludden makes me wear his white. As the other contestants reveal their answers, Betty is all smiles and her comedic reactions to some of the suggestions make her an invaluable moment.

4. Betty White defends Lucille Ball

Betty White was no stranger to the chaos of game shows. In fact, many of his best moments come from times the game went off the rails. This clip of Great password sees Betty appear alongside the legendary Lucille Ball and Carol Channing. When Lucille and Carol grapple with a category, Betty’s partner Dick Martin only steps in to get a hilarious rib from Betty, showing that she always has a quip ready to go.

3. Tell the truth

Tell the truth was a popular game show that began in 1956. The premise is simple: a panel of famous guests is presented with a line of three and must guess who is telling the truth by asking various questions of the guests. Betty has appeared on this show several times during its broadcast and each is a delight. In fact, she was so good that she was brought back for the show’s covers in 1990 and 2016, proving that her talent doesn’t fade with age. This 1961 episode shows why Betty has been a guest on so many game shows, because her laid-back charm makes an enjoyable format all the more fun. It’s also a great opportunity to see Betty joke around with her contemporaries, including legends like Johnny Carson and Kitty Carlisle.

2. Betty and the brownies

Betty has made being a guest on a game show an art form. His quick wit allowed him to inject humor into the games while keeping them moving, and nowhere is this better seen than on The $ 25,000 pyramid. Take this clip, where Betty lands the perfect zinger halfway through a quick shot without missing a beat. The trick asks Betty to guess some baked goods using her partner’s vague clues. When presented with the ‘brownie’ prompt, the competitor suggests that it sometimes contains ‘marijuana’. Betty instantly responds correctly before adding a puzzled “step into my house” causing the crowd to laugh.

1. Betty White destroys a toaster

Great password was a cover of a previous game show called Password. Hosted by Bert Convy, the game saw celebrity teams attempting to solve various puzzles. During a trick called “Cashword”, the answer would come from an item called the Magic Toaster. After asking the wrong question on the last episode of the series, Betty throws the accessory across the set as the audience roars with laughter. Host Bert Convy notes that the toaster did not break as well as it should have. He then hands the toaster back to Betty, letting her toss it again. After that, Convy says, “Everyone in the world that came on this show wanted to do this,” while Betty gives herself a comedic slap on the wrist.