Blackpool entertainment company plans to return Squid Game Live after Netflix greenlights second season of show

It comes after Netflix officially announced that Korean horror action series Squid Game has been given the “green light” and will be renewed for a second season.

Netflix has shared a 10-second trailer showing the reboot of the first season’s Death Doll, with a number two appearing in her camera/eye.

The first season of Squid Game became Netflix’s most popular show after its release, with 1.65 billion hours streamed in the first four weeks.

It has become a global phenomenon and prompted Blackpool-based Universal Ents Ltd to independently host Squid Game Live at the station earlier this year.

The event, inspired by the show, involved people competing in challenges at a secret location to win a cash prize.

Max Fox, producer at Universal Ents Ltd, said the team “plans to do it again” after the success of the event in January.

He said: “It was one of those trends that you have to be quick to jump on.

“It was such a success last time around. We had 1,000 people from all over the world who landed in Blackpool to take part.

“People came from Hungary, Germany and America.

“We’re considering doing it again, but see if we can connect with Netflix on it.

“We tried to make it look as much like the show as possible by keeping the place quiet.

“People were told it was a North West location, they arrived at Blackpool North station and then got on a bus which took them to the Winter Gardens. [for the challenges].”

Take a look at what happened when the Squid Game Live event hit Blackpool with these photos from Blackpool Content Co.