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Killing Game Series like Danganronpa and Zero Escape could have learned a lot from the end of the game Squid

Squid game captivated audiences with the story of a man going through a brutal murder game with many other desperate souls. With a total of nine episodes, the Korean show is bursting with drama every moment and ended on an interesting twist, and even left audiences with a lesson to think about. For players, the […]

The Uncharted trailer brings the video game series to life – but who asked that?

The first trailer for the Uncharted movie has arrived. Based on the beloved PlayStation series developed by Naughty Dog, the film stars Tom Holland as young Nathan Drake on a quest to find a mythical McGuffin and keep it from falling into the wrong hands. The film is the first live-action feature film from brand […]

Sydney Primary School Warns Parents About Netflix’s Squid Game Series

A Sydney elementary school has asked parents to prevent their children from watching the popular Netflix series, Squid game, over the worries that they inspire from the screen, at the playground. Thousands of students will return to schools in New South Wales from Monday after months of distance learning, with some now concerned about the […]

Bokeh Game Studios hires concept artist for Siren game series

Bokeh games studio job an almost 10-minute video featuring creator Mika Takahashi, the concept artist behind the company’s upcoming horror title. Takahashi is known for her character design work for the Mermaid series of survival horror games for PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. In the video, Takahashi mentioned her childhood love for video games while […]

Best-selling video game series of all time

Game studios strive to create breathtaking worlds, memorable characters, and compelling stories, but ultimately game sales are the name of the game. Without them, studios cannot grow their businesses. visions and create these amazing experiences. RELATED: Every Lego Game That Has An Open World, Ranked When you take a look at the best-selling video game […]

EA could end FIFA video game series as they threaten to drop their name

Is EA turning its back on FIFA’s name? (photo: EA) In shocking news, EA said it was “reviewing its naming rights agreement with FIFA ‘, which implies that the series could be renamed otherwise. Ever since EA started making soccer games, with the 1993 FIFA International Soccer Mega Drive game, they have used the name […]

Nebraska Women’s Softball Team Divide Game Series with Missouri | Sports

The Nebraska softball team shared two games at Bowlin Stadium on Sunday, Oct. 3, where the Huskers had 16 hits and six runs. The Huskers won Game 1 6-1 and the offense was clearly visible from the start of Game 1. It didn’t take long for the team to get into the scoreboard. Senior designate […]

These responses to Netflix’s Squid Game series are as crazy as the show

Squid game to Netflix is the latest frenzy-worthy show that the popular streaming channel has brought to its viewers. And with each point of view came an equally compelling social media reaction, writes Robyn Simpson of Cape {town} Etc. * Not for sensitive viewers. @netflix my boyyyy aliiii #squidgame #netflix ♬ original sound – Netflix […]