Chuck Norris’ grandson started a game show for cheating

If you happened to have ABC locked in your (digital) TV dial, Monday night’s network offerings featured the return of not one but two Bachelorettes, followed by a twist of Jonas Brothers uncovering crimes reality TV.

Monday brought the debut of Kevin and Frankie Jonas Claim fame. As seen above, it’s a reality-style game show where a dozen family members of relatively famous people are trapped in a house trying to figure out who’s related to whom. As people mingle, they vote someone “out” of the house but have one last chance to call someone they are related to.

But through one episode, we still haven’t seen how it will actually pan out. Because, as you can see in the clip above, Pepper never could guess the famous person Maxwell is related to: Chuck Norris. Because he cheated.

The producers stopped taping the show to dramatically call out the Jonases to explain that Maxwell had broken the show’s rules. Which was a surprise for Pepper, but maybe not for Maxwell.


“As you know when you came home we took all your devices to protect your identities, to keep information out of the way, to make sure the game was fair for everyone,” Kevin said. Jonas. “And one of you broke that rule.”

The camera pans around the contestants are pretty awesome here, but the end result is that Pepper never got a guess and Maxwell got the boot. There’s even dramatic footage from the crime, in which Maxwell searches through pants on the floor and pulls out a cellphone. The screen glow is briefly visible before he puts it in the pocket of the pants he is currently wearing, then climbs into bed with his shoes still on, covering only over his head, to presumably keep its Pokemon Go sequences alive and totally not google the loved ones of famous people.


“As you know, we take this very seriously. We want you to take the game seriously,” Kevin Jonas said. “It really is a competition.”

Maxwell didn’t have much to say after receiving the boot, although he said he “will be in touch” with everyone in the cast. As Kevin Jonas pointed out, it’s likely: he makes sure to keep a phone on him at all costs.