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Toss little coconuts into cups in this simple board game for kids.

Coconut is a family board game from Underdog Games.

We had the chance to check it out.

What is coconut? What is the game about?

Coconut is a family board game for 2-4 players ages 7 and up. It challenges players to throw coconuts into cups in the center of the table using a monkey launcher with spring-loaded arms.

Each game has an expected playing time of 30 minutes.

How do you play this game?

In a game of Coconut, each player receives their own monkey thrower, a player mat, and eight small green coconuts. Before the start of the game, 14 cups (10 yellow and four red) are positioned in a 3×3 grid or in a triangle shape in the center of the table, depending on the number of players.

On each turn, a player will place a coconut in the palms of their monkey thrower, then position the monkey on the table behind their player mat so that they are aimed at one of the cups on the table. Players will then press down on the monkey’s arms and let go to throw a coconut in the direction they were aiming.

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It takes some getting used to, as players will need to get a feel for how far to push the monkey’s arms to reach the distance they want. That is, the first time you play, don’t be surprised if coconuts fly off the table because someone gave their shot too much power.

When players put a coconut in a cup and it doesn’t bounce, they can pick up the cup and place it on their play mat. If a coconut lands in a cup that someone else has already claimed, he can steal the cup from his opponent and place it on his own playing mat.

Players will take turns shooting coconuts until they have used up the eight coconuts they had at the start of the game. Once they are exhausted they can start shooting nuts. of coconuts that have landed outside of the cups on the table.

There are three cup locations on each player’s play mat. Once these spaces are filled, players will need to stack additional cups on top of them to create a pyramid. The first player to stack six pyramid cups on their playmat wins the game. Alternatively, if all the coconuts end up in cups and there are no more to be drawn, the player with the most coconuts in the cups they have collected wins the game.

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Is this game fun to play?

Coconut is a fast-paced and sometimes chaotic table game that can be enjoyed by players of various age groups. It’s really fun to play and even made us laugh out loud.

There is a touch of skill required, as players will need to observe how far their shots go and change the power of their future shots appropriately, but even if players miss a shot it’s still fun to watch the nuts. coconuts fly everywhere. because the players give too much or too little power to their shots.

Additionally, the game offers a hint of strategy, as players can choose to aim their coconuts at mugs that have been collected by other players for the purpose of stealing them so they don’t win the game.

Finally, the game features a “monkey magic variant” that adds “special powers” to the game for families who want to make a difference. Players can use these special powers to sabotage their opponents once per match. For example, someone can activate the “Blind Shot” power, causing their opponent to fire their next shot with their eyes closed. Four abilities are listed on the in-game instruction sheet, but families could create more using their imaginations.

Is there anything else parents need to know about this game?

Coconut play pieces are quite small and may present a choking hazard to very young children. Younger children should only play the game with proper supervision.

What’s the final verdict?

Coconut is a fun tabletop game that takes little time to set up and learn. While there is a bit of skill required, the simple setup of throwing coconuts into cups is enjoyable and can make families laugh before the game ends.

If your family is looking for something different for your next family game night, we recommend checking out Coconut.

Coconut is now available on Amazon and the Outsider games website. The game is priced at $ 25 on Amazon, as of this writing.

Disclosure: Underdog Games has sent SuperParent a copy of Coconuts for cover.

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