Crysis 4 trailer confirms sequel to sci-fi video game series

A new Crysis is in development at Crytek, as announced in a blog post by the developers. Although the specifics of the game have not yet been detailed, it could be called Crysis 4, which the trailer suggests. That’s all we know about the next iteration and all we can hope for is that our system can run the game this time around. The surprise was already spoiled by an earlier leak indicating the impending reveal.

The ad first appeared on Chinese site Bilibili. The leaked image had a helmet lying on the ground and text that translates to “Project Crysis 4 is confirmed, opening up a new nano battlefield!” The announcement is now official, and we can be sure that the next Crysis is under construction. Avni Yerli, CEO of Crytek, said in a blog post regarding the ad:


Crytek is proud to work with our community to develop the games you want to play. Crysis is incredibly important to so many people – it’s loved by gamers around the world, and some of those working in the industry today do so because of the original game – so we want to make sure the next installment of the franchise meets all your expectations. Be sure to join our social media and get involved!

Picture via EA

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It has to be said that it’s been a while since the franchise has seen a mainline entry – nearly a decade since the launch of Crysis 3 in 2013. And the wait will continue for a while yet, as the announcement indicates that the game is still in early development. What the announcement also confirms is that it will be a “true next-gen shooter.” This means that the game will be exclusive to the next generation. Although it’s justified, given how technically impressive Crysis was to generations past.

The last entry in the franchise was the Crysis Remastered Trilogy, released in October 2021. The Remastered Trilogy includes all three main entries and is also available on the Nintendo Switch. Crytek also later stated that the remastered version Crysis 1 and 2 will be available separately and will have a physical release. If you weren’t around when the original games launched, the trilogy should help you understand the franchise.

We are a long way from the official release of the next Crisis Game. But to pass the time, you can watch the trailer multiple times and the time will pass. You can watch the official announcement and read the full statement below.


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