Diablo Immortal Game Review Mobile Android Ios Features Verdict

“Is this an April Fool’s joke out of season?”

It was a fan’s question when Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon in March 2018. Perhaps no title in gaming history has received such a hostile reception as Diablo Immortal, fans and players taking it out on Blizzard for developing “simple” mobile. game rather than a full-fledged game for PC or consoles. “You don’t have any phones?” Blizzard designer Wyatt Cheng asked in surprise when his announcement that the game would only be available on Android and iOS devices and not PC was met with loud boos.

Diablo Immortal review: Four years after a hostile reception, it’s here

There was a reason for this hostility. Blizzard had announced that it would release information about its legendary Diablo RPG series at the event. Almost every fan had assumed this meant the company would release the next installment in the series, tentatively titled Diablo 4. When the company announced that it would be releasing Diablo on mobile phones instead, the backlash was extremely abrasive. After all, it was 2018 and mobile gaming was still considered the poor cousin of “real” gaming that happened on PC and consoles. The idea that a new game in a classic PC series like Diablo would be released on mobile was anathema to many hardcore gamers. “You guys don’t have a phone” has become a meme used by many to mock Blizzard.

Four years later, the star of this gaming horror show has made its way to mobile phones. Diablo Immortal has now arrived on the App Store and Google Play. Although it is not a mobile exclusive (there is also a PC version), it is primarily considered a mobile title. And it’s on the mobile platform (phones and tablets) that we’ve been playing it for the past few days and believe it might just set a new benchmark for mobile gaming.

Diablo Immortal review: Bringing Diablo legacy to mobile

That’s because Diablo Immortal brings to mobile phones exactly what Diablo brought to the PC in 1997 – intensely addictive gameplay. It’s not like Diablo Immortal doesn’t have great graphics and sound. It has a lot of both, and the cutscenes (“cutscenes” as Blizzard calls them) are gorgeous and create the kind of atmosphere the game needs. But even after being dazzled by the multimedia, you’ll want more, simply because the game is so easy – and so much fun – to play.

Blizzard has been dubbed the Apple of gaming because the company has a knack for making difficult game genres more accessible to general users without compromising the overall gaming experience. He created role-playing games (RPGs) that were complex and fun with Diablo, and did the same with real-time strategy (RTS) with Starcraft and Warcraft. Its smooth implementation of World of Warcraft made online gaming all the rage more than a decade before the arrival of PUBG.

Diablo Immortal review: You can play it on most phones… and it’s FREE!

It’s this mix of excellent presentation and easy yet addictive gameplay that makes Diablo Immortal so irresistible. Interestingly, the game doesn’t need high-end hardware to run. It will work on iPhone 6S and above with iOS 11 and above, and any Android phone with a Snapdragon 660/ Exynos 9611, 2GB RAM and above, and running Android 5 and above. However, you will need a lot of storage space. The download is over 3GB on iOS (with a 9.5GB patch after that) and around 2.5GB on Android (with a 10GB patch on top).

Simply put, any phone that is priced above Rs 15,000 and has around 15GB of storage space should be able to run this game well enough. Of course, the better the hardware, the better the experience. Incidentally, the game is free to download, making it the first Diablo game to come without a price tag.

Diablo Immortal review: The Dark Lord might be rising…so go stop him

Diablo has always been a simple hack-and-slash game with a strong storyline and elements of character development and adventure. Diablo Immortal does not deviate from this model. The story is based on events between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. Without making it too complex or going into detailed story flashbacks, let’s just say that a magic item called the World Stone has been corrupted and if you don’t go to war against the hordes of evil, Diablo, the lord of evil, will rise again. The game starts with the inevitable creepy cutscene telling you how bad things are after the events of Diablo 2 and you need to save the day. “If humanity is to survive, it must unite against the rising darkness,” declares the sinister narrator. After a dramatic pause, he adds, “Although that may not be enough.”

You pick a character for yourself – you can opt for male or female versions of Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are strong, others nimble, some are adept at magic and summoning creatures, etc. You can change your character’s appearance, give it a name, and then, well, it’s time for action. Your task is relatively simple: slaughter all that is evil. And there are many.

Diablo Immortal review: Great graphics + great sound + easy gameplay = pure addiction

Diablo Immortal, like all Diablo games, is played from a top-down isometric view, which can feel a bit dated when you see titles like Genshin Impact and Call of Duty: Mobile. Play the game for a while, though, and you’ll get sucked into it. There’s a lot of detail in the graphics – the water glistens, the leaves move in the wind, and you can see the rocks and tiles on the roads you take, although you can’t zoom in on the action at any point . Unlike Diablo III, which had a slightly brighter look, Diablo Immortal returns to Diablo’s slightly brooding and dark graphic ethos.

We think it’s more beautiful and atmospheric, but you need to increase the brightness of your phone screen, which may drain the battery.

Then there’s the voice acting – Diablo has always had great character voices and they’re present here as well. The music simply blends into the atmosphere, shifting from somber to heroic, depending on the state of your progress. This is a good PC/console level game and we recommend playing it on the biggest screen possible – the game looks fantastic on the iPad!

Gameplay is button mash at its best – you have an on-screen button to control character movement and another to launch attacks. The buttons are conveniently located so you can essentially hold your phone in landscape mode and have your thumbs directly on the screen buttons – there’s one near each corner. You progress by killing more and more enemies, going up the levels. And there are swarms of enemies – demons, undead, the works, and you usually have a “boss” character to face. There are a lot of fights here. And the action is spectacular, although we wish we could zoom in on it.

Each time you level up, you can improve your skills. Your achievements also give you access to gold and other loot, which you can use to buy better gear. The process is simple and you even have some interesting conversations with those who repair your guns or sell you new ones.

Diablo Immortal review: Epic in stature, but presented in small, mobile-friendly bits

Diablo Immortal is classic Diablo – roam, talk to people, get missions, find enemies, kill enemies, get new gear, level up… and repeat. Some might find this predictable, but Blizzard’s presentation will keep you captivated, with the game’s enemies and characters fascinating. You can also play against or with different players, and much, better yet, you can actually start this game on your phone, pick up where you left off on PC, then come back on your phone and so on. It is incredibly transparent and very well implemented.

Also, while this is clearly a long game (several hours), Blizzard took care to make the missions relatively short in most cases. We found ourselves completing a mission in around 10-15 minutes, which is perfect for short trips or breaks – scenarios where most of us turn to our phones for entertainment. The fact that it’s primarily a single-player mode also means you don’t have to hang around finding people to play with (unless you want to jump into player versus player or multiplayer mode).

Diablo Immortal review: Free downloadable rose comes with possible in-app purchase thorns

Of course, all is not rosy. This is the first Diablo to come without a price tag, but there are in-game transactions. And although you can continue to progress even without spending real money (we were able to spend several hours so far) , you will continue to receive reminders of options and special offers, which can be a bit irritating. There’s also the concept of loot boxes where spending money could (read: could!) help you get better weapons and gear, which kind of feels like a lottery – something that prevented the release of the gambling in some countries which disapprove of the practice.

We don’t know if you can go through the entire game without making an actual purchase, but many beta testers have told us that progress has been otherwise slow. The temptation to buy better gear also comes to the fore in player versus player scenarios. For now, this doesn’t seem like too much of a deal breaker, but depending on the level of challenges players are facing, we suspect this could become an issue in the coming days.

Diablo Immortal review: Play! Just play!

All told, at the time of writing, Diablo Immortal enters our books as one of the best games on mobile, both in terms of presentation and gameplay. It’s not for casual gamers, but it’s simple enough for anyone to pick up and play and it’s so immersive and easy on the eye that most people will enjoy it. It costs nothing upfront (if you choose to splurge later, that’s up to you) and can be played on a number of devices. It seems unfair to ask for more. We strongly advise you to try the game even if you are not a fan of games. Don’t forget to block out some time when you start playing. It’s going to be dark, dangerous and wildly addictive. Blizzard changed PC gaming with the original Diablo. Twenty-five years later, it could do the same with Diablo Immortal, making the action-RPG a mainstream mobile genre. It might even set back the battle arena and FPS rise of recent years. Yeah, it’s so good.

Diablo Immortal is many things, but more than four years after its official announcement, we can confidently confirm that it’s not an off-season April Fool’s joke. However, other game developers might wish it were.

You can download Diablo Immortal on iOS and Android.