Disgaea 6 Complete (PS4/PS5/PC) | video game review

The Disgaea franchise has long been the flagship series of Nippon Ichi Software and its North American publishing subsidiary, showcasing the latest innovations they’ve brought to the next generation of consoles and pushing the boundaries with comedic storylines and characters. memorable. At least that was true until Disgaea 5. Despite indications that the Disgaea 6: challenge to fate was originally developed with PlayStation hardware in mind, Nippon Ichi Software America made the decision to only release the game on the Nintendo Switch – rather than the cross-platform offering in Japan. While the reasoning behind this is unknown, it may have been seen as a kick in the ass for long-time supporters of PlayStation consoles. Still, the biggest issue was its overall performance. While the game had a solid foundation again, it suffered from frame rate issues and a general lack of fluidity that has always been present in the series, and I felt significantly hampered in the experience.

A year after the game was released on Nintendo Switch, NIS America is finally releasing Disgaea 6 complete, a native compilation collection for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 including both the base game and all previously released character DLC. The game is still the same at its core, once again employing its addictive turn-based combat system, higher than ever level/stat numbers, and the controversial inclusion of auto-battles. Additionally, the game’s 3D art style is present, though it’s arguably better on high definition hardware. Disgaea 6 complete is overall a competent installment in the series, and if you can overlook some of the ease of access features that are there to give more instant gratification and faster progression to those who want it, that’s Disgaea you know it at the end of the day. However, complaints about the game not having a branded “major feature” like magicchange or swathes of clean online features, nor retaining some core elements of the series still stand, which makes it hard to believe. prevents it from being as good as its predecessors.

Play on the PlayStation 5 version of Disgaea 6 complete vs. the original version was like night and night comparatively, with many performance issues ironed out and the game running like a Disgaea game should – smooth and lag-free. Additionally, features like the in-game trophy system now have a purpose, when you can actually get them and show them off. My only other qualm which I believe has hampered all previous complete editions in the Disgaea series is their implementation of DLC characters. Starting the game and having access to a full arsenal of powerful characters (albeit scale leveling) takes away from the authentic experience and unlocks them through gradually unlocked subchapters, or even tweaks them slightly to fit at story points, would be better to make their inclusion more transparent.

The big deciding factor in whether you should buy Disgaea 6 complete Where Disgaea 6: challenge to fate is whether the former’s higher price tag is worth all the character DLCs and performance upgrades previously released. In my opinion they are, but if you’re new to the series you might want to pick up some of the cheaper previous releases – as they’re more imaginative, have arguably more iconic characters, and offer hundreds of options. hours of play at a budget price.