Dog The Bounty Hunter Gets His Own Video Game Series

What was on your gaming-related bingo card for 2022? Hoping to see something Metroid Prime 4? Dare to dream of a trailer for the Old scrolls VI? I’d bet that nowhere on this list of expectations, hopes, or dreams is a video game series starring Dog the Bounty Hunter, but that’s exactly what we get. What a time to live.

Duane “Dog” Chapman revealed in a press release on Jan. 11 that he has signed a new contract that will see him lend his identity and image for the purpose of making games. These are games as in the plural, by the way. It’s not designed to be just a one-off, weird, one-off game start – the statement makes it clear that it is “multiple video games”.

Chapman’s most recent television company was in The most wanted dog, which aired in 2019 – watch the trailer below.

This deal is with Virtual Interactive Technologies Corp., which if you hadn’t heard of before now, you are not alone. Anyway, in the press release they outlined their plans, which are to “develop and market a range of video games in cooperation with the production entity and will use the name, image and likeness by Mr. Chapman in connection with the advertising, promotion and sale of video games. ” Huh.

“After years of sharing my life on television, I am delighted to bring my many stories and experiences to the video game environment. I am delighted to work with Virtual Interactive Technologies and their experienced team,” said Chapman.

“Collaborating with Dog and his team to help create unique experiences for our customers is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Jason Garber, CEO of Virtual Interactive Technologies. “Dog’s successful career in reality TV and his widely recognized character will provide us with exceptional content to create a number of exciting and engaging games.”

Now, there’s a lot to unbox here, and this is all downright confusing. Just to start, the Dog the bounty hunter the show ceased airing in 2012, and we haven’t really seen much of Chapman since, so it’s a pretty weird moment to pick it up again given its peak in popularity has definitely passed. So it remains to be seen how successful these “exciting” games will be, but I admit they have piqued my interest. Let’s look at this space.