Edmonton Oilers Vs Los Angeles – Game 2 Quick Postgame Review

The Edmonton Oilers silenced the critics tonight with a 6-0 loss to the Los Angeles Kings tonight at Rogers Place.


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After losing Game 1 on Monday, fans started thinking “here we go again,” but the Edmonton Oilers put an end to that with their game tonight. They were absolutely dominant tonight.

After picking up a few penalties and playing a fairly balanced game throughout the first period, the Edmonton Oilers took control of the game in the second period. They outshot the Kings 19-9 and outscored them 3-0.

In the first period, the Kings had 3 power plays and the Oilers managed to eliminate them all. If the Oilers allow a goal on one of those power plays, it’s a completely different game. The good news is that in Game 1, the Oilers managed not to give up a goal while outnumbered.

In the second period, the Edmonton Oilers managed to reverse the scenario. They get a power play goal on their two attempts. Edmonton even managed to twist the knife on a struggling Kings power play by scoring a shorthanded goal.

Ryan McLeod managed to add an even-strength goal late in the period to make it 3-0 going into the final period. It was a hard work goal from the fourth line. Something this team will need if they want to get into a deep run.

In the final period, things started to look up for Edmonton. An innocent shot from Keith was deflected by Evander Kane, then a Kings defender passed a confused Quick for an easy 4-0 lead for Edmonton.

Right after that, the Kings allowed another goal as McDavid and Puljujarvi had a two-on-one. McDavid managed to get the puck to Jesse and Puljujarvi made no mistake and buried it. The game was pretty much over at this stage, but hopefully this goal will give Jesse Puljujarvi confidence to go forward.

The Oilers added another power-play goal midway through the third. The game was already out of reach for the Kings, but it was nice to see the 2nd unit get a power play goal.

After that goal, the Edmonton Oilers sat down and protected Mike Smith’s shutout. It was nice to see Mike Smith play a great game. After giving the puck to the winner of Game 1, for him to come out and put a donut shows that it could be a good sign from him moving forward.

The positive points

  • Oilers power play goes to 50% again
  • Oilers shorthanded don’t allow a goal and score one
  • Oilers 56% on faceoff
  • Brought 5 v 5, 3 even strength goals
  • Jesse Puljujarvi scores a goal hopefully he gets hot going forward
  • Mike Smith…. what a rebound game
  • Evander Kane puts 2. He could be the best midseason addition this season

The negatives

  • Nugent-Hopkins, Ryan and Archibald’s third row looks more like a fourth row
  • Too many penalties, thank goodness Kings power play not good
  • Another slow start, mostly from penalties, but if that can be fixed, this Oilers team will easily beat the Kings

It may just be about the game, but the Edmonton Oilers played a great game tonight. Hopefully they can continue this game, if they do they should make a short deal with the Los Angeles Kings.