Evil Dead: Game Review Scores Are Here

Would you like to know if the new horror multiplayer game is any good? Find out here in our Evil Dead The Game Review score summary.

Evil Dead: The Game Review Scores: 77 for PC on Metacritic

Evil Dead: the game garnered 77 on PC, 74 on PS5 and 72 on Xbox Series X at press time, giving the game mostly positive reviews from critics.

Ash is one of pop culture’s most iconic characters in the horror genre, so there are plenty of expectations on Evil Dead: The Game. However, with a very entrenched and ever-popular Dead by Daylight on Friday the 13th, Evil Dead: The Game also has some very strong competition ahead of it. Luckily, the game itself stands on its own, and while it’s not the cleanest game, it definitely introduces elements that make it more fun compared to other games in the genre.

Many Evil Dead: The Game review articles indicate that playing the game with a mouse and keyboard setup is the way to go, although no one is really stopping you from plugging in the controller and running around with the thumbsticks. The game, after all, has relatively similar scores between PC and consoles. However, the PC version has a significant lead over the console versions.

“Saber Interactive has crafted a highly entertaining asymmetrical multiplayer game in Evil Dead: The Game,” GameWatcher says in its 8.0/10 reviews. “And a lot of that depends on understanding how best to implement the quirks of the source material into game form. With possession, slapstick, gore, violence, chainsaws, and malevolent trees, Evil Dead : The Game is as Evil Dead as it could be.

The game’s faithfulness to its source material is also a source of happiness for fans, especially those who have followed Ash all these years. “Between its strong and compelling gameplay loop and its obvious love for the source material,” says PC Invasion in its 8/10 reviews. “Evil Dead: The Game is a welcome addition to the asymmetrical horror pantheon.”

Ash’s charm and appeal carries over to the other survivors, making them all fun to play. However, the monsters aren’t as fun as they should be, but they still manage to provide entertainment. As GameGrin writes in their 7.15/10 reviews: “Playing as a Kandarian demon isn’t as fun as it should be and the single-player experience is somewhat lacking, but if you want to team up with three friends and show a bunch of dead people just how A prosthetic chainsaw can be deadly be this is the game for you.

So what exactly is missing in the console versions? Stevivor laments the more expensive Xbox Series X version (compared to the PC): “At a price of $60 AUD, it’s a bit too underdeveloped to recommend as a single-player game, but fans of Evil Dead who don’t shy away from online play will find themselves dropping hours and hours into this, and those who love 4v1 games will certainly enjoy this too.

Playing on console also hurts the game’s appeal, especially since asymmetric horror multiplayer games are better known for PC gaming. “It’s a good job that Saber took the time to add single-player missions to Evil Dead,” says Xbox Achievements. “If the game only offered 4v1 multiplayer, it would be pretty straightforward. The repeating objectives don’t particularly help either.

Finally, The Six Axis gave the game its lowest score across all platforms at 6/10, stating in their review that, “Evil Dead fans will love the amount of fan service on offer here, from recreation From filming locations to Bruce Campbell’s goofy one-liners. However, when it comes to raw entertainment value, there’s an imbalance between the forces of good and evil. Playing as survivors can be fun with friends, but doesn’t have the fun or variety of being a malefactor.

Conclusion: Evil Dead: Is the game any good?

Fans of asymmetric multiplayer horror games have a frightening choice to make on their next game night: do they play this new game or stick with their favorite? We’re sure if you’re a fan of the genre or a fan of the franchise, then you’ll have a good kick with Evil Dead: The Game regardless. However, it’s clear that Evil Dead: The Game isn’t perfect and still has a lot of balancing and content issues that it will need to address. Its competitors are already way ahead of it in terms of additional content for its playerbase, with Dead By Deadlight already having countless new characters, scenarios, and maps. Whether or not Evil Dead: The Game can draw on its deep pockets of knowledge would determine whether the game is here to stay, or if Evil Dead is dead on arrival.

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