Fan-favorite Netflix game show releases season 2 trailer

Netflix has released a new trailer for the fan-favorite game show The floor is lava which features some of the shenanigans the contestants get into in the upcoming Season 2. The game show is set to return on June 3 with new episodes that apparently include, but are not limited to, a giant, slippery volcano. While it might sound ominous, seeing it in action really confirms just how much of an obstacle it really is.

The first season of the game show premiered on Netflix in June 2020 and quickly became a goofy hit with viewers. As the name suggests, it’s basically the classic kids’ game of pretending the floor is lava and you can’t touch it – but with the twist that, well, the floor is lava. makes “lava”. Well, what appears to be bubbling, colored, slimy water, anyway. You can check out the trailer for The floor is lava Season 2 For Yourself embedded below:

It’s hard to tell just from the trailer, but it’s worth noting that some of the contestants state that the scene looks tougher than the first season, and it certainly does. The giant volcano, for example, looks almost slimy with the amount of slimy, slippery stuff in there. And even a single slip can result in a long fall, as one of the contestants finds out the hard way.

“We commissioned Hollywood’s top chemists and slime/goopy substance makers to create our lava,” said The floor is lava co-creator Megan McGrath back when the first season hit the streaming service. “We did a ton of research on what lava looks like, how it moves and how it glows and we really tried to create that in our own. We spent months testing different lavas and different formulas.”

As stated above, The floor is lava Season 2 is set to release on Netflix on June 3. The second season consists of five 30-minute episodes according to Netflix. You can check out all of our previous game show coverage here.

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