Fobia – St Dinfna Hotel

When it comes to horror video games, they generally need to strike a good balance between suspense and a bit of action. One of the best horror games ever released is Resident Evil 4. Not only was it action packed, but it also had a lot of scares.

Even newer games like Until Dawn and The Quarry offered enough gore and violence to keep them interesting. Unfortunately, not all horror games released are winners. It is unfortunate for me to say that Fobia – St Dinfna Hotel is not the best the horror genre has to offer.

It is worth mentioning that Fobia – St Dinfna Hotel was released in this year and has nothing to do with another game named Fobia released in 2018. Fobia – St Dinfna Hotel is more of a first-person FPS and puzzle game which is now available for all modern games. platforms.

When I first launched Fobia – St Dinfna Hotel, the game was quite intriguing at the very beginning. I played a character imprisoned in prison, but he finally managed to get out. However, the game takes a turn for the worse when the early playable character is impaled by a scary, creepy creature. This shocked me because I was thinking of playing the main character at first!

After completing the prologue, you are greeted by the real main character, Roberto Leite Lopes. The character is an amateur journalist and he must investigate the disappearances and rumors of supernatural activities that have taken place at St Dinfna’s Hotel.

At the start of the game, everything seems normal at the hotel as the place looks good, and there is even a receptionist that Lopes can talk to. Everything changes when Lopes has a power outage and the hotel is in ruins. Not only is the place trashed, but Lopes sees hallucinations of a young girl and even monsters roaming the halls.

What seems like an interesting premise initially, the majority of gameplay in Fobia – St Dinfna Hotel unfortunately isn’t very exciting. If you’re looking forward to an action-packed game like Resident Evil 4 or Resident Evil Village, you better look for something else to play instead.

One of the things that makes this game so disappointing is the fact that it’s so boring. Most of the time, you control Lopes as he wanders the halls of the hotel, trying to find small keys to open doors or safes. The game doesn’t give you a map or hints about where you need to go next.

To make matters worse, Fobia – St Dinfna Hotel is literally the darkest game I’ve ever played. I don’t mean dark in terms of content; it’s so dark that I can’t even see where I’m going most of the time if I’m playing with the default brightness. I had to turn up the brightness to see where I was going!

Graphically, this game is nothing special either. You’ll spend the majority of the time in dark hallways, and the character models are surprisingly outdated. Creature designs are decent, although you won’t see them often as they don’t spawn frequently.

Gameplay-wise, you’ll spend the majority of your time opening cabinets and safes in order to find keys to open doors. There are TONS of locked doors and inaccessible areas that you’ll have to go through the rooms more than once to make sure you don’t miss anything you need.

You’ll spend a lot of time opening cabinets, hallways, solving puzzles, and more without incident in this game. I spent most of my time going back and forth, trying to figure out what to do afterwards. The game doesn’t have waypoints or any sort of map, so you’ll have to backtrack a few times trying to figure out how to do this.

However, I admire that this game has a unique feature. Lopes has access to a special type of camera that displays a different timeline. When using the camera, Lopes can access different areas of the hotel that may have been blocked before in his current timeline. It’s a nice gadget that changes the gameplay a bit.

Combat is sparse, but the shooting mechanics and boss fights are nothing special. As I said before, don’t expect to see a lot of action in this game or you’re going to be seriously disappointed. I like that there is an option to get extra ammo during boss fights, though, if you need it.

Overall, Fobia – St Dinfna Hotel is just a disappointing horror game that I never want to play again. There’s not a lot of action in this game, and most of the time you’re walking around in dark, boring hallways. Even if you like horror games, you might want to miss this one.

Verdict: 6.0/10