Game Review: ’35MM’ – reviews, ratings and where to watch the best movies and TV shows

Sergey Noskov, the indie developer behind In the rays of light and 7th Sector is back with their new post-apocalyptic walking simulation game “survival horror” (as they say on Steam) 35MM. I would like to thank the developer and publisher Sometimes You for the review opportunity.

35MM is set in Russia after a global pandemic wipes out most of the population. The story follows two travelers who wander through the Russian countryside towards a town where our main character lives.

The controls in 35MM are a bit fiddly and now seem to be for controllers, and don’t seem to react well at times, especially during fights. The game has also been categorized as an FPS/Shooter, but the game’s combat mechanics leave a lot to be desired as you can’t aim and the enemies have a lot more health than you do. There are times when you have to mash the buttons, but most of the time it’s unclear what you’re supposed to do with the buttons, whether you’re supposed to keep pressing them or just press them once and that’s it. is everything, and it seems to change every time it comes up.

The pacing of the story really kills the game for me, for the first half of the game you are literally walking, with your fellow traveler, without speaking, for several minutes. when you get an objective there is no prompt to tell you what that objective is in the hub, sometimes these objectives are given through dialogue but the subtitles won’t work (the language spoken in the game is Russian, which makes the use of subtitles vital).

The game claims there are multiple endings depending on what the main character is doing, which I realized right away. When the character does something positive, the screen flashes slightly and a pleasant chord sounds, much like in the Subway games that part of me thinks this game is trying to somehow emulate.

Overall my experience with 35MM was not good. I spent time playing hoping it would eventually pick up and improve as the start of the game set off a really bad tone with how boring it was, unfortunately it didn’t improve. On my scale from 1 to 10 35MM is a 4 because for a walking sim it was slower than a mall walker, the combat mechanics were terrible, the controls and environment buggy, and for the game called 35MM the 35mm camera that the character owns and can use really doesn’t serve any purpose in-game or serves any purpose important to character development as it’s just being used for photo mode.

If you really want to try it out for yourself, the game will be released on March 2 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.