Game review: “Bright Memory: Infinite”

If I told you there’s an FPS game that looks and feels like Crysis and COD, but it’s indie, you’d probably think I’ve lost my mind. Well, I just played a game like that and was quite surprised that I enjoyed it! Allow me to introduce you to Light Memory: Infinitean FPS from FYQD Studio and Playisim that I would like to take this moment to thank for the opportunity of the review!

Light Memory: Infinite takes place in China where players take on the role of Shelia, a member of an organization called SRO, who struggles to understand a strange anomaly that has appeared in the sky above a province causing destruction. Shelia, with the use of a combination of power and supernatural abilities, finds herself battling soldiers from a military organization as well as former enemies.

Now on to the game itself! For all the FPS veterans like me, you might have to get used to these commands because the ones you expect to do one thing might be for something else, but luckily it’s easy to understand. Along with controls, additional abilities allow Shelia to use a sword to fight and protect herself. The game’s sound design and music suits the genre of game we have in front of us with a nice fusion of metal and traditional Chinese music.

I really liked the graphics as I admit it’s up there with the AAA titles, the closest that came to mind at the time was COD, with the way the animation combat looked like the environment.

The overall gameplay is really fun. You can use a sword with guns to fight and defeat both modern and ancient enemies. My favorite mechanic is using Shelia’s Sword to deflect enemy bullets back at them, not only to make you feel hard, but also to save ammo. Using a combination of psychokinesis, melee, and weapon skills helps make combat in the game fun and rewards you by earning points or finding items that help you develop your skills.

Globally Light Memory: Infinite was fun to play. the only issue i had was the lack of knowledge at the start of the game that would explain a bit better what the ORS is and why it’s an army rival, but other than that i enjoy using it swordsmanship with guns and exploring to find artifacts to grow my stats. I’m very impressed that a game like this was developed by a one-man team!

On my scale of 1 to 10, I give Light Memory: Infinite an 8. Infinite light memory is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.