Game review | Kena: Bridge Of Spirits – a game to warm even the coldest hearts

And even. It’s not. Take all the familiarity and mix it with character-driven storytelling, a world that seems to come alive from your very presence and your overall journey, and what you have is a game unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. never played; in all the best ways.

At a basic level, Kena’s flow is pretty straightforward. Explore the environment and fight the corrupt spirits you encounter along the way. However, thanks to the inclusion of one of my all-time favorite parts of Kena, The Rot, there’s so much more to the game. The Rots are the cutest, most amazing little things I’ve ever seen. I’ve ever seen, and I want one. But in the game, the Rot will follow Kena and help her along her journey. For example, during combat, rot can be used to distract enemies or even help him attack.

The Rot only added one more layer of complexity and polish to Kena without which I think the game would have crumbled. Being able to use rot while in combat effectively adds a level of skill beyond my technique of using hit, hit, run, run. When you start a fight, Rots are usually pretty scared. But as you damage and kill enemies, their confidence and courage increase, and you can either send them into battle or use their power to strengthen your own.

Rot is also vitally important to her interactions with the environment, as it is the only way to neutralize enemy spawns so battles can be won and the only way for Kena to heal. Just adding these little balls of sweetness means you constantly pay attention to your surroundings, even during combat, ensuring you never lose sight of the beautiful world around you.

Another thing I enjoyed during my time in the game was the collectibles. Kena has plenty. Kena had me constantly looking for hidden paths for fear of missing a hidden gem. From finding Rot hidden in the world to grabbing tiny little hats, which you can then use to customize them, I was constantly searching and connecting with the world.