Game review: Terraria | Special

“Terraria” is a two-dimensional pixelated sandbox game that is NOT to be confused with the popular game known as Minecraft. “Terraria” is much more than that.

This is a game where you can build, create and explore the game physics found in Minecraft, but there are things here that Minecraft cannot compare to.

At first, you start out as your own character in your own world with a guide telling you what to do. But you can just ignore the guide and do your own thing, if you prefer – kill a zombie, use rocket boots or wings to fly, travel through the deadly hand-drawn landscape – you do whatever you want, not just what the game expects.

Speaking of landscapes, there are over 10 biomes in this game which include Corruption, Crimson, Dungeon, and Overworld. And there are over 4,000 items, 300 enemies, and 29 bosses. That’s a lot of content in a single game. The developers are always making cool updates to the game on multiple platforms. You can play solo or you can play with friends; it also depends on you.

You can tap unique seeds that allow access to worlds of original and different experiences, such as the Don’t Starve collaboration or the super unique “Drunk”! For a two-dimensional pixelated game, this is definitely the one to consider.

The developers of “Terraria” are Re-Logic, 505 Mobile Srl, Pipeworks Studio, DR Studios, Codeglue and Engine Software. Andrew Spinks is the founder and owner of “Terraria”.

“Terraria” is available on Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS and more.