Game review | Time Loader – not just physics, emotions too

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From the trailer I watched to the appetizer blurb I was initially given, Time Loader felt like an interesting little physics puzzle platformer that I could sink into for a few hours and enjoy. cleverly designed levels. Little did I know that Time Loader would take me back in time to play with my emotions instead.

As said before, Time Loader is a physics-based puzzle platformer and I’ve always enjoyed those when done right. There’s just something about dabbling in “science” that appeals to me, and being able to do that in a game is even better. Playing the role of a homemade RC bot, you’ll jump, pull, pry, roll, and swing through a range of really well-designed levels that on their own are quite engaging. Without giving away too much of the story, the game’s levels are centered around a household, with each level being a different room in the house and each one designed so well that it almost looks like your own house in some way. I’ve enjoyed rolling the wheels of the bot over different items around the house to each play a different sound depending on the material it’s made from, or finding the tools lying around the garage just to imitate my own garage tools, which I definitely put away, all the time, always. Instead of just flipping the canoe over and creating a flat surface for you to roll on, they placed it the right way up and you could walk through the seat of the canoe. I know it’s a small thing, but it’s those little things that make the world more real.