Game review | Wanderer – an escape room, in your mind

I’m not going to talk about the Wanderer story; it is something better lived than reading. All you need to know to get into the game is that it’s an escape room, possibly the best PSVR game we’ve seen to date, and there’s a time manipulation mechanism.

Wanderer is full of puzzles to solve to progress through the levels. Most of these puzzles come with little to no instructions and their difficulty will range from hard to impossible. However, when you finally solve the puzzle, you won’t understand what took you so long.

The most important part of Wanderer to get used to, other than the controls, is the time travel mechanic and getting into the right mindset to use it. For example, after not progressing for what felt like HOURS, I finally resorted to the “use everything on everything” playstyle, and that’s when I realized that items could be transported between times. So if you ever find yourself staring at Mayan ruins with seemingly no way out, maybe grab a sponge and some window cleaner… it’s amazing what will show up after a bit of spring cleaning.

But it’s this timing mechanism that makes Wanderer unique and makes it one of the most rewarding, if not frustrating, VR experiences. More than once I threw something I was carrying on the floor and later realized I needed the item, but couldn’t remember where it had been left. But before long my critical thinking skills decided to kick in, and I started to be a lot more intentional with what I was holding in my character’s hands and could just enjoy the experience of seemingly having my own escape room, in my mind.