Game review: Weird West (PlayStation 4)

There have been many games released over the years based on the Wild West era, but Weird West is one of the most unique.

This is because the game adds supernatural elements to the genre.

Although Weird West is set in the old western era, it doesn’t share many similarities with Rockstar’s mega franchise Red Dead Redemption. One of the main differences about Weird West is its graphics and overall visual design.

Instead of having realistic 3D graphics, Weird West opts for a more cartoonish look. The game uses cel-shading, much like the animated style of Borderlands games. The cartoon’s graphics look good on the PS4 and the game doesn’t look too outdated.

Another unique style of the game is that it is played from a top down perspective. If you feel the action is too far away, you can zoom in on the camera to get a closer look. It is advisable to zoom in if you want to better see the enemies and their position on the map.

A change from Red Dead Redemption is that Weird West is not a fully open environment. Instead, the game is separated into different segments that load across the land. However, there are plenty of towns you can visit, as well as plenty of enemy hideouts and caves.

Between segments, the game sometimes surprises the player with random battles. Some battles can be avoided if you ride a horse. Other times though, you have to fight your way through battles before you can reach your chosen destination. Random Battles can sometimes be boring if you’re unprepared and don’t have enough ammo to kill incoming enemies.

Speaking of combat, Weird West is primarily a twin-stick shooter. This means that you move the main character using the left stick and aim using the right stick. Most of the weapons you can use in this game include pistols, shotguns, rifles and more.

Shooting in this game using a controller can feel a bit clunky and inaccurate. This is because enemies are moving too fast for you to pin them down. If shooting isn’t an option, you can opt to use melee weapons or even dynamite to blast multiple enemies.

The overall combat feels unsatisfactory using the PS4 controller for some reason. I think the game is best played with a PC so you can aim using the mouse instead. That said, shooting enemies face to face isn’t the only way to defeat baddies in this game.

Since I didn’t really like the combat controls in Weird West, I was happy that stealth plays a huge role in this game. You can crawl and hide under cover as you explore the levels. The main character can also stun enemies if you can sneak up behind them. You even have to hide bodies if you don’t want to get caught!

If normal combat isn’t your cup of tea, you can also use special abilities that can make it easier for you to kill enemies. For example, one of the previous skills you can use is a slow motion technique that reminds me of The Matrix. There are many more skills that you can unlock as you level up.

The most unique aspect of Weird West is that there are five main characters, all with different storylines and events. The first person you control is Jane Bell, who is a bounty hunter. She is looking for her kidnapped husband. Another storyline involves a pig who is out for revenge on the person who turned him into a monster in the first place. There are three other playable characters, although I don’t want to spoil all the fun for you.

What I like most about this game is that you are not always alone in your journey. Even though this game does not have multiplayer features, you can recruit AI partners to help you in the game. You will need to take care of this properly because some AI partners may die and never return!

The game also includes a “Wanted” system as you can make good or bad decisions during the game. If you choose to be bad, the cops and other bounty hunters will hunt you down and want you dead. Some side missions also allow you to catch your own criminals in order to earn more money.

Another aspect of the game that I love is that you can collect lots of loot. Enemies will drop a ton of weapons and ammo every time you kill or stun them. Players can also choose to steal items from towns, although this is discouraged if you don’t want to get caught.

Clumsy shooting mechanics aside, Weird West is still a great fun game. The stealth mechanics are great and I enjoyed the game’s unique visual style and layout. If you like top-down shooters, you’ll have a lot of fun playing this game.

Verdict: 8.0/10

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