Game Show Bosses Made Me Drink My Own Pee In Horror Audition

A PERSON has claimed they were forced to drink their own urine during an audition for Jimmy Carr’s game show Distraction.

Taking to Reddit, they revealed the ordeal was one of the “worst experiences” of their lives – and didn’t even make the show.


One person claimed they were forced to drink their own urine to appear on DistractionCredit: Channel 4
Jimmy Carr hosted the Channel 4 game show from 2003 to 2004 for two series


Jimmy Carr hosted the Channel 4 game show from 2003 to 2004 for two seriesCredit: Channel 4

Speaking to the social news aggregation site, user AdamW_91 posted: “UK game show winners, how was it? From any era. Would be interesting to hear your stories.”

In response, another user known as Mr_Drew_P, claimed, “The worst experience I’ve had, besides sleep deprivation torture, was drinking my own piss while auditioning for Distraction. with Jimmy Carr.

“I was throwing up all over the studio floor after drinking my own hot pee. I won the audition and was offered a place on the show, with a possible £10,000 prize.”

However, much to his disgust, he was dropped after appearing on Little Monsters, a rival game show on Sky.

He added: “Just before filming a few weeks later, a repeat of Little Monsters was shown on Sky One a few years ago – and they took me off the show Distraction.

“Some shows don’t like if you’ve been on another game show recently.”

Talkback Productions, the company behind Channel 4’s Distraction, has been approached for comment.

This isn’t the first time someone has lifted the lid on what happens behind the scenes on a popular game show.

Vivienne Radfar has appeared on 15 game shows, including Tipping Point, Catchphrase and Mastermind, and won £25,000 in total – enough to get her son to college.

“I’m super competitive and a perfectionist, I get fired up before any game show appearance – it pays to be prepared,” she told The Sun.

“It’s addicting, I love doing the shows and will continue to participate – but I can’t look back. How weird is that?”

Vivienne took on Chaser Mark Labbett, but says he’s far from a “Beast” in real life.

“We didn’t know who the Chaser was going to be – they’re in hiding – so we all got worried,” she says.

“I actually think The Beast is a kitten – when I beat him on a question about Lady Gaga, it was a great feeling.”

The production company behind Carr's former show has been contacted for comment


The production company behind Carr’s former show has been contacted for commentCredit: Getty

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