Game show champ James Holzhauer takes a hilarious shot at Jeopardy host Sitch to promote ABC’s The Chase

When he was falling for life Peril!James Holzhauer was known for his unique playing style, jumping around the board and make huge bets. Since his End of 32-game winning streak in June 2019, the professional sports player kept attracting attention, not only by joining The hunt as one of the expert “hunters”, but also with his social media snark. No one is safe from Holzhauer’s pot shots, especially his favorite target – fellow super champion Ken Jennings. With Jennings walking away from The hunt while in the midst of his current stint on Peril!you can bet Holzhauer had a hype-ready zinger for the premiere of his ABC game show’s third-season premiere.

It is unclear if the aforementioned output is an indication that Peril! made a decision as to whether Jennings or Mayim Bialik will continue as permanent hosts after the current season. But when The hunt returns on May 3, James Holzhauer will be joined by Brad Rutter, with Buzzy Cohen, Brandon Blackwell and Victoria Groce lending their overloaded brains to replace Jennings and “The Beast” Mark Lebbett. One aspect of the cast that doesn’t change is host Sara Haines, and Holzhauer seems pleased to point out how stable the ABC show’s hosting situation is compared to Peril!‘s.

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The Illinois native was, of course, referring to the Mike Richards debacle, in which the former game show executive producer was arbitrarily named Alex Trebek’s permanent replacement on Peril! after the lengthy audition process involving celebrity hosts. Richards stepped down from his role after just one day of filming (equivalent to one week of episodes) and was finally fired after discrimination lawsuits and offensive comments from his past resurfaced.

James Holzhauer has never been shy about expressing his dissatisfaction with the still unfinished quest to find a permanent Peril! host. The former champ mocked the original decision of the classic quiz show name two hosts after Mayim Bialik has been announced along with Mike Richards to resume prime time episodes and tournaments, and he absolutely blasted Richards for behavior that Holzhauer apparently witnessed while still competing on the show.

There is virtually no chance of a situation repeating itself The hunt, which originally premiered in the United States in 2013 on Game Show Network. In those early days, Brooke Burns joined as host, with Brad Rutter and Mark Labbett as chasers. While the UK original has aired continuously since its debut in 2009, the GSN iteration does not lasted two yearsbut ABC relaunched The hunt in 2021, and View co-host Sara Haines was tapped to lead things. And all this without having served as an EP beforehand.

Given James Holzhauer and Ken Jennings’ penchant for social media banter, I can’t wait for more barbs to be traded now that the two will be on competing trivia shows, rather than facing off on the same stage. as part of a GOAT Tournament. Sporty gamer can’t help but take part time shots Peril! host, because he even found a way to do it when congratulating recent historic champion Amy Schneider.

As it concerns Peril!As the hosting situation goes, fans are hoping to hear news of something more permanent after Season 38 wraps up in July. In the meantime, be sure to check out Ken Jennings’ Friends on ABC for the Season 3 premiere of The hunt. It’s scheduled for 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday, May 3, and you can check your local listings to see when and where. Peril! plays in your area.