Game Show Network blacked out in dispute with Dish TV, Sling TV | Next TV

Game Show Network has been blocked for Dish TV satellite customers and Sling TV’s MVPD virtual subscribers in a distribution dispute.

“We’ve been working with Game Show Network for months to finalize a fair deal for our customers,” said Andy LeCuyer, senior vice president of programming for Dish. “Unfortunately, Game Show Network has made the decision to remove its service from Dish and Sling, forgoing a handshake agreement to continue carrying its service on our platforms. This is a deceptive trading tactic aimed at our clients, putting them in the middle. »

Dish said he remains open to working with GSN to reach a fair deal and hopes to restore the channel soon.

“We are deeply disappointed with Game Show Network’s decision to remove its channel to the detriment of its viewers,” LeCuyer said. “We will continue to fight on behalf of our customers to reach a fair deal that benefits everyone.”

Game Show Network, on its website, warned Dish subscribers they could lose channels and urged them to get in touch with the satellite operator.

Dish noted that its subscribers can still watch many popular Game Show Network programs through Pluto TV. He added that new episodes of family quarrel can be found on ABC. ■