‘Gran Turismo 7’ game review: A love letter to motorsport enthusiasts

Apart from a few aspects, such as tedious menus and difficult to earn credits, this game is a perfect experience for racing lovers.

Apart from a few aspects, such as tedious menus and difficult to earn credits, this game is a perfect experience for racing lovers.

Even as more legacy franchises attempt to woo the Fortnite crowd with colorful skins and loud quest markers, Gran Turismo sticks to its tried-and-true simulation formula. The latest edition to the series, Gran Turismo 7, can be considered a love letter to motorsport enthusiasts. Apart from a few aspects, this game is an almost perfect experience.

The makers, Polyphony Digital, take you down memory lane with an introduction to the history of the automotive world. You’ll feel nostalgic if you’ve played previous editions of the franchise. Once you have access to the GT Cafe, you can start racing, earning, and buying cars. More nuggets of motorsport history await when you enter the menu. However, once the game starts, there are no stories, voiceovers or cutscenes – it’s just you, the wheel and the tarmac. And that’s all you need. The game reminds you of old school races before all the open worlds and career modes arrived.

The amount of menus you have to navigate is sometimes tedious. The GT Cafe offers regular races and challenges to complete to earn more credits to tune your cars.

You can take the race online or compete with racers offline. The simulation makes you feel like driving a real car. Haptic feedback is excellent via the Dual Sense 5’s adaptive triggers. A wide range of car and race selections will excite casual racers while GT loyalists will love the customization and simulation options. The rolling start, which puts you far behind in the race, could ruin your experience. Don’t worry, a quick search will reveal that you can switch to Grid Start from Settings.

Gran Turismo 7

Developer: Digital polyphony

Editor: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Price: ₹3,999 on Playstation 4, ₹4,999 on Playstation 5

Once you start earning credits, things start to get stingy. Everything is expensive – paint colors, upgrades and such. You have to work a lot to afford anything. Or, you can use real money to buy credits. In a game full of exotic cars to buy and earn, GT7 really makes you work for the collection. However, once you unlock the car, you are greeted with a detailed history of the vehicle’s lineage, manufacturer, and more. The presentation of the story could have been consistent, as some are cutscenes and some are over text boxes.

Gran Turismo 7 looks stunning throughout. The cars look very real, which makes you want to launch the menus just to admire their beauty. On the tracks, things get even more dynamic, as the time of day changes during the race. While some of the tracks are dull, the others are brilliant – they take you from sunny European villages to Tokyo’s swanky high-tech highway and other beautiful locations.

If you are a serious motorsport racer, you will love this game.