Harry Redknapp’s brutal appearance on BBC game show The Wheel

Former football manager and local resident Harry Redknapp had to endure a brutal appearance on the BBC game show The Wheel.

On the show that aired last night (January 8), the Poole resident appeared alongside other celebrities Chunkz, Nick Grimshaw, Andi Oliver, Tom Read Wilson, Angela Scanlon and Carol Vorderman.

For those unfamiliar with the show, the format is for host Michael McIntyre to ask contestants thematic questions, then spin the physical wheel the seven celebrities sit on. Where the wheel lands, then it is the celebrity who will help the candidate answer the question.

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Where the wheel lands is luck, so as part of the show the contestant can choose a celebrity on each lap they want to prevent the wheel from landing, this is called “the stop ”.

For Harry, the game did not go well …

BBC One The Wheel host Michael McIntyre
BBC One The Wheel host Michael McIntyre

The former I’m a Celebrity King, 74, has been shut down so many times that it has become the main theme of McIntyre’s jokes.

After missing his selection in his main category ‘Football managers’, things continued to deteriorate for Harry.

After a series of stops from the competitors, McIntyre joked “Harry, I’m so sorry but for the 14th time tonight you’ve been stopped”

Looking a little annoyed, but bouncy nonetheless, Harry was lit by a red light. McIntyre commented “Your game may still be coming,” to which a disgruntled Harry asked “Really? “

To which McIntyre replied … “I mean, not for a while, because you keep closing yourself”

Twitter did not fail to notice the abrupt appearance, with much recoil from the repeated stoppages of the former football manager.

In the next category of music festivals the expert was Nick Grimshaw and again Harry Redknapp was shut down.

McIntyre drew candidate Tash to her choice of Harry, joking “Tash who is absolutely brutal, poor Harry Redknapp”.

Adding “Harry could have stayed home with Sandra and had a nice meal at Sandbanks and we could have just turned the chair red all night”

The wheel spins celebrities on a giant wheel to answer questions from candidates
The wheel spins celebrities on a giant wheel to answer questions from candidates

Finally, Harry had a chance to be part of the action when he was supporting Tash in the Ships category. When asked “What was the full name of the ocean liner that sank in 1912 on her maiden voyage” Harry only confirmed that he knew the Titanic was the name (the answer was RMS Titanic for all who wish know)

Overall, Harry took the brutal shutdown in a good mood and even encouraged contestant Tash to shut it down in the music festivals round.

You can watch The Wheel on Saturdays at 8 p.m. or catch up online on iPlayer.

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