Hit Netflix Game Show Renewed For Season 2

A hit Netflix game show has been renewed for season 2. On the sound social media accounts, they announced a brand new season of Is it cake? The hot show was born out of a series of memes across different platforms where ordinary items ended up being piece of cake when cut. Saturday Night Live’s Mikey Day hosts the show where bakers try to replicate an item and judges have to guess which one is actually a cake. It’s a weird watch, but one that resonated with a lot of people online when it premiered. Now the show will return for even more cake-based shenanigans. The production budgets are significantly larger than what these social media memes would have allowed. Netflix’s TUDUM has already spoken to executive producer Dan Cutforth about Is it cake? He actually confirmed that social media inspired their take on reality TV.

“That’s exactly how it happened. Like everyone else, we saw these social media posts and had fun. Then we literally thought about the show,” Cutforth explained. “From the first call, Jenn Levy [VP, Nonfiction at Netflix] just loved it, and the next thing you know, we’re doing the show. So everything fell into place incredibly quickly and in an unusual way.”

“We’ve done a lot of cooking and baking shows over the years, and it’s touched on a lot of what tends to work in those kinds of shows, especially baking. It’s very visual and it requires a lot of precision – a stressful amount of precision,” he added. “All of that together seems like a good basis for competition. Having also had experience creating Nailed It!, which sprang from a very similar inspiration, we knew that something like an eye-catching social media phenomenon, if you can create the format in the right way, can translate really, really good.”

“Bakery has become a huge thing on social media, so it was an easy place to start. Also, over the last few years – as there’s been a bakery boom in this country, probably over the last Last 10 years – there are so many local businesses,” he explained. “There are a lot of people across the country who make a good living baking hyper-realistic cakes. So yeah, it wasn’t that hard to find people who were really good at it.”

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