How do I stream a game live on YouTube?

There are more and more people who do not have the classic channels to listen to, and who have hardware such as Chromecast, or who use their Smart TV to enjoy their favorite platforms

In the particular case of video games, there is a clear reference: Twitch. The streaming platform is one of the most widely used in the world, and every day more and more people are trying to make a living playing their favorite games in front of anyone who wants to see it. However, due to the success of the platform, a phenomenon is beginning that threatens to slow down the growth of new channels: saturation.

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Despite the fact that YouTube is considerably lower than Twitch in user numbers and features, it can be a good place to stream, especially if certain factors are met (eg, having a channel with a certain number of subscribers). Some people still don’t use Twitch, and YouTube recently added a few features to try to boost its streaming service.

Steps to Stream Live Video Games on YouTube

The first thing you need to know is that we are going to have to meet a series of conditions before we can broadcast on YouTube:

Open YouTube and go to the camera icon with a plus symbol. Click on it and select the “Live Stream” option. After that, a screen will appear with a button that says “Get Started”. Before you can start streaming content, the platform will make sure it’s really you.

This process can take up to 24 hours, so be patient!

After confirming your identity, we can start streaming. To do this, go to the live_dashboard. The easiest way to do this is to go to YouTube Gaming and select the “Live Stream” option. A panel with several options will open, and we can configure the basic information.

Give your stream a name. Try to make it bear the name of the game you are going to stream and something that will appeal to people. A good example would be “raising Challenger in LoL”.

Add a description. Put your social networks in this description (and also link your Twitch channel, if you have one).

Select the video game you are going to play and set the privacy to public, so everyone can see you.