How the Harry Potter Trivia game show attracted guests like Tom Felton and superfan Pete Davidson

Harry potter is back! Well, sort of. Prepare for gorging on movie series again, because there is a new Harry potter game show hosted by the great Helen Mirren called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Houses Tournament coming to TBS and Cartoon Network. Not only is it more Harry potter amazing content (even if it’s in the form of a trivia game), but there are some pretty nice famous guests. The next Harry potter the game show may have attracted guests like Tom Felton and Pete Davidson, who is apparently a superfan, and now we know how successful the project was.

The 20th anniversary of Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stonethe release of s is approaching, which marks the first moments we have seen Harry potter come to life on the screen. That’s a big deal for fans, so it makes sense that a franchise-based game show would be offered to us around the same time, as well as a pretty sweet reunion.

And the Harry potter meeting is not the only thing that Harry potter veterans like Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis, who played Draco Malfoy and Neville Longbottom respectively in the movies, will show up, as they are definitely involved in Hogwarts Houses Tournament. In an interview with Hollywood journalist, show producer Yasmin Shackleton explained how they brought former cast members into the game show, saying:

In terms of our special guests – what we call alumni, so the folks who were obviously in the movies we had on the show – we wanted alumni of the show in some capacity and they were actually involved and asking questions. We spoke to people who know a lot more than we do about what fans like and who fans would really like to see on the show. We went to see bigger and beloved names like Tom Felton and Shirley Henderson and Matthew Lewis. We were very lucky to be able to involve these names.

Apparently, the cast of the new trivia show doesn’t just focus on franchise alumni, and has also brought some seriously famous Harry potter superfans on board too, including SNL cast member Pete Davidson. In the same interview, Yasmin Shackleton explained the thought process behind choosing Davidson for the show, citing his many tattoos – some of which are surprisingly dedicated to Harry potter. Here’s what Shackleton said:

Then digging deeper into this world is quite remarkable and a testament to how the franchise is worshiped. We have Pete Davidson on – and he has several Harry Potter tattoos. And, I don’t know, when you think of Pete Davidson, the first thing out of 100 things that comes to my mind wouldn’t be, “I wonder if any of these tattoos are a Harry Potter tattoo. ” There were celebrities who had such a passion or who wanted to be a part of the show. We could have booked 100. But we were very specific about who we needed to go out, and it was obviously people who had a real connection. And it was just beautiful to see. It goes from Pete Davidson to Jay Leno. You probably can’t have two other different people.

Having not just one, but multiple tattoos on your body forever dedicated to a fandom is honestly pretty badass and takes some major dedication. Personally, I hope Pete Davidson and Tom Felton appear in the same episode and are about to fanboyer about Harry potter together, because I would like to see who knows the most about Harry potter: the superfan with the tattoos or the superfan who was actually in the movies.

Hogwarts Houses Tournament premieres in a few days on November 28, with Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff being the first episode. You can watch each of the four episodes when they premiere on TBS or Cartoon Network at 8 p.m. ET. Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Reunion, you will have to wait until January to connect.