HT Brunch Game Show: Who handles period days best?

Shakshi Bachhety, 26 years old


Shakshi watches horror movies when she’s on her period

How bad are period days?

The first and second days are particularly bad. I feel like the ants are biting me.

Rules you follow?

I follow a few simple rules: I try to do cardio exercises and to feel fit enough to get enough sleep.

What is your secret for? Surviving PMS mentally?

Most of the time, he just focuses on work. But I find listening to music comforting, especially Aashayein from the movie Iqbal and Ed Sheeran Perfect.

What do you prefer: eating or binge watching?

Watch horror movies in burst, I’m a big fan of the genre. My favorite horror movie to watch during this time of the month is Insidious.

Arushi Singh, 29 years old

Manager, Analytics and Consulting

Arushi dances while it cheers him up and helps ease the pain

How bad are period days?

I have severe stomach pain, leg pain and lower back pain the first day. It gets really uncomfortable and I feel too irritated and take medication.

All the rules you follow?

My favorite remedy is ajwain with lukewarm water. A light workout like dancing lifts my spirits and reduces pain. I eat light low sodium foods and avoid sweets.

What’s your secret to mentally surviving PMS?

Bag of hot water, chocolates or hot chocolate and massage/pedicure.

What do you prefer: eating or binge watching?

Eat in a rush while binge-watching Friends.

Parul Taneja, 29 years old

Owner, Krafted with Happiness

Parul starts the day with a banana, trains three times a week

How bad are period days?

I failed my pre-boarding exam and it was usual for my brother to take me to the hospital for intravenous pain medication.

Rules you follow?

Start the day with a banana, train three days a week, go for walks and drink plenty of water. Ten days before, I soaked kesar and raisins.

What’s your secret to mentally surviving PMS?

When I think too much, I tell myself that we will come back to it once my period has passed. This eliminates any overreaction.

What do you prefer: eating or binge watching?

Eating ice cream while watching Friends.

And the winner is…Parul Taneja

“Exercise, use heating pads and stay positive”

“Parul Taneja wins for trying to manage her PMS and menstrual cramps more effectively by exercising, being active, using heating pads and staying positive,” says Dr. Anjali Kumar.

Menstrual cramps are common and usually harmless although they can be very debilitating. “In medicine, this is called dysmenorrhea. It is important to obtain a proper gynecological diagnosis to rule out conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis, and pelvic infections. The most common remedy that works for PMS and menstrual cramps is doing yoga, sleeping well, and doing breathing/relaxation exercises,” she adds.

When it comes to foods, bananas are great sources of magnesium and saffron is a powerful antioxidant, known to help with PMS cramps.

From HT Brunch, June 25, 2022

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