Hunt-A-Killer Supernova Game Review

Hunt-A-Killer made a name for itself as the premier episodic mystery game company. With its original subscription game, killer hunt provided cryptic clues for players to uncover the identity of a dangerous killer. The company has since added a list of episodic mysteries, including a Blair Witch link, plus a handful of standalone, one-session puzzle games evoking classic murder mystery scenes with fan-favorite characters like Nancy Drew. 2022 Supernova, killer hunt developed these unique games for an expansive and immersive puzzle-solving adventure.

In Supernova, players are joining the fan club for a similarly titled comic series. Membership comes with a slew of freebies, including a membership card and collectible lunch box, but also a copy of the latest published issue and an art print of the comic. A letter from the author, Gunny Graham, reveals a secret to readers: Supernova was never a fictional comic, but instead chronicled his twin sister’s space travels. When their connection was severed, Graham stopped writing Supernova. Now plagued by threatening dreams and messages in his waking life, Graham wants the player to help him understand what happened to his twin and explain these mysterious events.

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Part of the charm of Supernova is the depth of its history. The game creates a fictional world incredibly close to reality and anchors its sci-fi in the very real world of comic creation. The narrative truly drives the game, with each memory contributing to the mystery but also drawing players deeper into the life of Graham, his sister, and the underlying story. Supernova is a puzzle game, but it never sacrifices story for good solving.

That’s not to say puzzles should be written off. killer hunt as a company has produced some of the most interesting puzzle games to play at home, and Supernova is no exception. Numbers, locks, hidden visuals and logic leaps all work together to make the game Supernova rewarded effort. The box contains the full story, so there’s no need to wait for the next shipment to find that satisfaction at the end of a good mystery. Running at four to six hours of play, SupernovaThe challenging puzzles surely make players work for that catharsis, but it’s worth it.

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Content of Hunt A Killer Supernova

Supernova however, runs into some minor mechanical issues. Normally, killer hunt is great for not only providing top-notch puzzles, but also showing the player multiple ways to arrive at the solutions. This has been a standout feature in previous games and works to make the puzzles and the narrative feel really interconnected. In Supernova, these clues sometimes seem disjointed, as if presented to the player at the wrong time. It becomes easy to decode the correct ciphers and have everything needed to continue working on clues only designed to help players solve the already completed cipher. These confusing moments can be frustrating and may artificially inflate the game’s length, but ultimately don’t detract from the thrill of the rest of the game.

Despite these small problems, Supernova is a solid killer hunt entrance. The immersive narrative compensates for these telltale dependencies. Being able to manipulate real objects and then keep them as keepsakes adds to the fun of playing the game. Ultimately, however, it’s the puzzles that define Supernova a part. While not executed as cleanly or consistently as other killer hunt titles, they are always fun to solve and do Supernova worth a game.


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