Jays win first of two-game series with Borgia | Sports

Scoring the first six points of the game, baseball’s Washington Blue Jays never looked back Friday by winning the first game of a two-game set with the St. Francis Borgia Regional Knights at Borgia Field, 7 -4.

“’We pitched well and hit well that (first game),’ Washington head coach Dane Gough said. ‘It was a good effort.’

Borgia head coach Rob Struckhoff praised the Blue Jays.

“I have been very impressed with Coach (Dane) Gough’s team,” said Borgia head coach Rob Struckhoff. “They are talented and well trained. Both teams were motivated for this series and gave their best. They were both respectful and it shows the type of strong young men we have in our community.

Washington (11-12) pushed three runs through the plate at the top of the first and added three more at the top of the third.

Borgia (8-8) tied Washington’s third three-run with three in the bottom of the inning.

However, that’s when the defenses calmed down and there was no goal until the seventh, when each team scored once.

“We made a few mistakes early on and Washington was able to capitalize,” Struckhoff said. “They put the ball in play and sometimes that’s the best thing to do. I was proud of our guys for fighting back and being within striking distance. We just couldn’t get over the bump.

The game was originally scheduled to be hosted by Washington and played at Dutzow Ballpark, but was moved to the Borgia grass court due to weather conditions.

Saturday’s game was also played at Borgia, but Washington was the home team.

Grant Trentmann went five innings on the hill for the Blue Jays, picking up the win. He allowed three runs (one earned) on five hits, two walks and two hits. Trentmann struck out five.

Morgan Copeland pitched two innings for a stoppage, allowing a run on a hit and a hit. He scratched one.

Brady Hanneken went the distance for the Knights, taking the loss. He allowed seven runs (five earned) on seven hits, one walk and two hits. He took out two.

“Brady continues to give us strong outings,” Struckhoff said. “He kept us in it. He adapted after a rough start and managed to settle down. Even when things aren’t going well around him, he’s just doing his job. That’s what a mature competitor does.

Sam Paule and Hanon Jarvis each had two hits for the game. Jarvis and Landon Boston doubled up.

Aden Pecka walked and was hit by a pitch. Will Lingle was also hit by a pitch.

Pecka stole three bases and Jarvis stole one base.

Gavin Matchell participated with a sacrifice fly.

Pecka and Paule each scored two goals. Boston, Jarvis and Lingle scored once.

Jarvis led in two points. Boston, Paule and Matchell each had an RBI.

Dane Eckhoff led Borgia with two hits, a double and a homer.

Jack Nobe doubled. Isaac Vedder, Ryan Kampschroeder and Noah Hendrickson chose the singles.

Sam Turilli and Kabren Koelling walked. Tanner McPherson was hit twice by throws. Eckhoff was hit once.

Eckhoff scored two points. Turilli and Nobe each scored once.

Eckhoff and Nobe each had an RBI.

“We hit balls hard that just didn’t hole up or go down,” Struckhoff said. “I was impressed with Trentmann on the mound and the defense behind him. They made a few plays to keep us from getting too close, especially Pecka in center field.

“Jack Nobe and Dane Eckhoff were able to get us up the board and into the lead with RBI double in third,” Struckhoff continued. “Dane then hit a towering home run to the right in the seventh. Dane has missed a few home runs this year, so it was good to see him hitting one in this big game. He will remember this one.