Leaks Suggest Minecraft Live 2022 Could Feature In-Game Live Events

Minecraft Live is a well-known annual event that acts as a celebration of the community and the game as a whole, with a community pre-show and guest appearances during the event itself. Usually the event is streamed on YouTube and Twitch with any community input coming from Twitter, but recent leaks seem to indicate that things will be different for this year’s live event.

Mojang is using the event as a way to build hype, as well as get community involvement in future updates. This can be clearly seen in cases like crowd and biome votes, in which the player base was able to influence which monsters were added to the game and in what order the biomes in the game would update.

Will Minecraft Live 2022 have an in-game item?

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Phoenix SC is a well-known YouTuber with almost two million subscribers. He recently uploaded a video covering some leaks from the Chinese version of the Bedrock Edition dev wiki.

Just a few hours after Bedrock’s latest beta edition, Preview, went live, there was an article on this dev wiki. This post breaks down some of the code inside the development language files, and while almost everything is common knowledge, nine new lines have been added, which have been confirmed in the game code.

Interestingly, these lines of code all refer to the Minecraft Live event. There are captions that seem to act as countdowns, event announcements, and event endings. In fact, there are even title and header lines, both indicating the event, one acting as an advertisement that will appear before the event, and the other bearing the name of the event. screen event.

Looks like for this year Minecraft Live there will be some sort of in-game integration (for the base). I don’t know how far this integration will go, but it’s interesting to say the least. https://t.co/ffrjbpo6xi

One of the biggest and most exciting aspects of the leak is the last line of code that has been added. This line of code is “gathering.info.body.liveIsComing”.

The text associated with this line of code is “It’s time to add a new mob to Minecraft, and the choice is yours.” This would mean there will be a popular vote for Minecraft Live 2022, and the vote will take place on the client itself rather than on Twitter.

The idea that crowd voting will happen on the client instead of Twitter is supported by a few other lines of code. For example, there’s a line of code that relates to a button labeled “voteNow,” which would presumably allow players to select any crowd they want on the client before submitting their selection to Mojang.

What does it mean?

The picks from the original crowd vote in 2017 (Image via Mojang)
The picks from the original crowd vote in 2017 (Image via Mojang)

At the moment, that means very little, at least from an official point of view. Neither Mojang nor Microsoft has officially commented on these leaks. This is simply speculation based on leaked development changelogs backed up by code found in-game. Until Mojang comments, this should be treated as a rumor.

However, if the leak is true, it shows that Mojang will stop using Twitter as part of its popular vote process. But that’s the exciting part, as it indicates that 2022’s Minecraft Live will feature another crowd vote, and given the exciting mobs added from previous votes such as the ghost, glowing squid, and most recently the allay, this one is probably going to be just as interesting.

For the past five years, live events for the game have taken place anywhere during the months of September, October, and November, so it’s likely that Minecraft Live 2022 will take place around the same time. the year, although of course past live events are not guaranteed as to when this year’s ones will take place.

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