Led by Lizzo, the game show contestants turn on the host

Lizzo was the host and musical guest of Saturday Night Live this week and brought us a truly hilarious episode. In a sketch titled “Trivia Game Show”, the contestants are asked relatively easy trivial questions for money, but it still doesn’t sit well with Nicole (Lizzo) and she gets the rest of the contestants on her side.

Tracy (Ego Nwodim) has already answered a question correctly and Kenny (Chris Red) even offers to give Nicole some of her money to keep the game going, but Nicole makes some pretty good points: some of these shows just want you to lose, so what’s the point of playing?

Nicole de Lizzo is hilarious in that she doesn’t knows the answer but is close enough to the correct answer to think host Clint (Kenan Thompson) should just give him the money anyway. Like saying there is a “Robert Kennedy” airport and she was right there when she was actually talking about John F. Kennedy airport in New York.


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The sketch is a fairly simple game show format for Saturday Night Live but what’s interesting here is that he completely flipped on Thompson. Typically, it’s the game show itself that attacks its competitors, or the host is exasperated because nobody knows the answers. In this case, Tracy and Kenny know the answers, but Nicole just puts them on her side to turn on Clint and take over the show on their own.

When Clint tells them all to stop using the buzzer to talk, Tracy asks who made him mayor of Game Town and the sketch quickly dissolves into Nicole wanting to be the mayor and everyone is talking about that job. mayor as if it were real, much to the annoyance of Clint, who now also loses money in the game which then goes to all of the contestants.

It was the first sketch of the night and a good start for Lizzo who laughed at the sketch but deservedly so. It’s funny and sometimes a host who just laughs when he wants to at what he does is the best kind, and Lizzo is definitely up there in one of the best musical host and guest episodes. Maybe we shouldn’t bring her to this trivia game.

Check out the sketch below:


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