Louisiana High School Turns Teacher Appreciation Week into a Game Show | KTVE

ST. MARTINVILLE, La. (KLFY) — After two difficult years managing COVID-19, St. Martinvile Sr. High School is pulling out all the stops for Teacher Appreciation Week in 2022.

After two tough years, the SMHS administration said they wanted to do something a little different by incorporating fun into the start of their day with a game. They spin a wheel and are given a challenge for the day.

“This week has really given us an outlet to really enjoy school,” said Courtney Underwood, SMHS teacher and cheerleading coach. “Students see us happy and it makes the whole school a happier place.”

Teachers spin the wheel and get a number. They have the choice for their challenge.

“I can either choose ‘myself off a shelf,’ or choose to leave a note on a teacher’s car wishing them good teacher appreciation,” Underwood said.

Underwood says that throughout the week gift cards and small giveaways were given out, but there is only one grand prize.

“The grand prize is a trip for two for lunch,” she said. “It’s during school hours, so you get a break from class. Everyone thinks it’s a great motivator.

The grand prize will be chosen and announced at the end of the school day.