Ludwig’s Game Show Finale Will Be Streamed Live From YouTube Theater

Ludwig Ahgren will live – and I’m not talking about its flow.

the YouTube games star, who lives in Los Angeles, will take the stage at Inglewood’s YouTube Theater on July 2, 2022. The event he will host there is billed as the finale of his game show The money of the mogulswhich combines the format of Peril! with streaming star status.

A presale for the live show begins on April 20, but the box office window will officially open on April 22 through Ticket Master. That will give Ahgren plenty of time to fill the 6,000-seat YouTube Theater, which opened last year next to Super Bowl-host SoFi Stadium. If you can’t make it to Los Angeles in time for the show, you can also catch it on YouTube. Ahgren will broadcast all the shenanigans on his official channel.

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The format for The money of the moguls is almost exactly the same as that used by Peril! Participants choose “answers” ​​from thematic categories and must answer them in the form of a question. The big differences between the two shows are the relaxed nature of The money of the mogulsand the notoriety of its competitors. Ahgren is hardly as wise of a host as Alex Trebek, but the laid back and fun nature of his presentation is part of his appeal. He is not afraid to criticize his candidates after a bad answer, however famous they may be. Previous The money of the moguls players have included streaming stars like Mizkif, Pokimaneand Sykkuno.

When Ahgren first pitched The money of the moguls, he was streaming alongside many competitors on Twitch. When the 26-year-old creator signed his landmark deal with YouTube Gaming last year, his game show migrated with him. Its management team at Charged helped negotiate its exclusive streaming deal with YouTube, and the Santa Monica-based company is also co-producing the upcoming live event.

“There are so many viewers and fans of The money of the moguls, I wanted to make the finale even more special by doing the show in person with a live audience,” Ahgren said in a statement. “The competitors will feed off the energy of the crowd and it will make for a great show.”

We are now wondering who these competitors will be. They haven’t been announced yet, but since this is the series finale The money of the moguls, I expect Ahgren and his team to roll out the red carpet. There will be a cash prize on the line, as well as the title of “Official The money of the moguls champion,” so I’m sure there are plenty of hyper-competitive streamers who would be willing to give Ahgren’s game show a try.