MLB The Show 22 (PS5)

Historically, the MLB The Show series was exclusive to PlayStation consoles, but now the franchise is growing.

Indeed, MLB The Show 22 is now available for all modern PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles.

While you still have to pay full price for MLB The Show 22 on PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, some gamers will be happy to know that the game is also available on Game Pass for Xbox players. Game Pass is a bargain because the price is much lower than a new game.

Either way, MLB The Show 22 is the latest iteration of the franchise, though it’s hard to tell how different this is from last year’s MLB The Show 21. It’s sad for me to say that this year’s game doesn’t offer many new features to separate it. of his predecessors.

One thing that disappoints me about MLB The Show 22 is that the graphics haven’t changed from last year’s game. Even though this is the second year the game has been available for PS5, MLB The Show 22 still feels like a glorified PS4 game instead.

That’s not to say the graphics are bad, it’s just that it lacks the photorealism that other PS5 games have featured recently. The stadiums are beautiful, but the character models still look like video games. Even WWE 2K22 saw graphical improvements when it was released for new hardware earlier this year.

Although the graphics have not changed, a few new features have been added to this year’s game. One of the main differences you will hear is that this game has a whole new commentary team.

Matt Vasgerian was the commentator for MLB The Show for many years, but in MLB The Show 22 he was replaced by Jon ‘Boog’ Sciambi and Chris Singleton. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear new voices because the Vagerian soundbites had been recycled over and over again. You now hear brand new content in all game modes.

Another new mode that was added this year is online co-op. You can team up with a friend or family member online for 2v2 or 3v3 matches. It’s a fun new mode, though it can be boring when it’s not working, thanks to the inconsistent online servers.

The latest addition to MLB The Show 22 is its cross-platform capabilities. If you’re playing on PS5 first, you can save your progress and upgrade to the Switch and Xbox versions if you own multiple consoles and copies of the game. Crossplay is also available so you can play with more people online.

Aside from a few small new features, the core gameplay of MLB The Show 22 is nearly identical to that of MLB The Show 21. Pitching, fielding, and batting are very much the same, although you have options to tweak the controls to suit your style of play. Since I’m not a baseball expert, I always choose the most casual settings.

However, I noticed that in MLB The Show 22 I was able to hit more home runs than ever before. It seems like if you’re playing in a casual setting, it’s a lot easier to hit the baseball. That being said, it’s much harder to hit home runs if you’re playing in tougher environments like veteran difficulty.

Several of the game’s other modes return from previous iterations. The mode most people will jump into first is Road to the Show. This is the mode where you take control of a single rookie and race through the MLB season in hopes of winning the World Series.

As you create the rookie, you will control him as a pitcher, defender, and hitter. The only thing this mode really lacks is voice acting and a storyline. The career modes of other sports games are more fun and engaging in comparison.

The other mode I spent a lot of time with is the simplified feature from March to October. Unlike other sports games, what I love most about March through October is that you don’t have to play the full nine innings. Instead, this mode lets you play small segments of each game.

In fact, you may only have to play one or two rounds. This can include trying to hit a home run to allow your other teammates to score a run. Other times, you may have to throw in hopes of eliminating the opposing team. It’s a really fun mode and is arguably the best feature of the game overall.

One feature that will appeal to hardcore baseball fans is the return of Franchise Mode. Here, you manage a baseball team and try to get through the entire MLB season. It offers a lot of depth for those looking to manage a team, even though it’s a completely offline experience. There is no online Franchise mode for those who want to compete with others in the world.

The last major feature of MLB The Show 22 is Diamond Dynasty. This is where you collect random cards to form your own team. As you progress, you may be able to reach better maps and better players. You can also pay real money to unlock things faster if you want to speed up the process. Due to the paid nature of this mode, I didn’t spend too much time on Diamond Dynasty.

Some secondary content in this game includes the usual Moments mode and the very enjoyable Home Run Derby. Not much has really changed in these two modes, although it’s fun to play if you want to do something different. Times are still pretty tough as some segments are on Veteran difficulty.

All in all, MLB The Show 22 is a great baseball sim if you don’t mind getting a roster update. That being said, the visuals and gameplay are almost the same as MLB The Show 21. Hopefully more visible improvements will be made in next year’s game instead.

Verdict: 7.5.10

A game code has been provided to use for review purposes.