Most Dangerous Game: film review with Liam Hemsworth

Here’s another gamer who, for money, lays down his life. From miniseries to movies, most dangerous game is one man’s desperate gold rush (Liam Hemsworth) dying and in debt. A feature film with excellent premises in terms of casting and direction and which features action, intrigue and mystery but without being able to hit the mark. Let’s see why.

Most Dangerous Game: The Plot

Dodge Raynard (Liam Hemsworth), a young entrepreneur, running enthusiast and former athlete, discovers that he has cancer. He only has a few weeks left. As if that weren’t enough, he’s in debt up to his neck. To provide the necessary care for pregnant women (Sarah Godon), to dodgeAnd waived his insurance. Desperate for the money to be processed and to ensure the economic survival of his family, Raynard accepts the proposal of a mysterious insurer (Christopher Waltz).

Dodge is invited to participate in a game: for 24 hours, he must escape five mysterious pursuers, ready to kill him. The cash reward is guaranteed. With nothing to lose, Dodge agrees to participate in the mad manhunt, putting his family in danger and touching the limits of madness.

The misadventures of the most dangerous game

most dangerous game was born as a short-format series: 15 ten-minute episodes that will make up a Films in chapter, a film chapter. To launch it is Quibi – the platform created by Jeffrey Katzenberg for streaming to mobile phones. Sadly Quibi it was launched in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, and had to close a few months later.

The format, brilliant for a streaming service for smartphones, is changed by the film’s new distributor, Amazon Prime Video. Thus was born the feature film most dangerous game. However, the shuffling of the shot isn’t the best: the film is often repetitive, as if the different episodes had simply been glued together without much effort. Moreover, the quality is poor: it is obvious that it is a CBS production in which the action scenes are carried out with a limited budget. On the other hand, we are talking about a product created for the very small screen.

Big names for mediocre results

The director of most dangerous game is Phil Abrahamthe well-known author of cult series such as The Sopranos Where Mad Men. Screenwriter Nick Santora is not far behind. Despite this, the transition from the best TV HBO small network budgets SCS is accused by the authors. It lacks a captivating and engaging story. The dramatic aspect of the protagonist’s illness is not sufficiently explored to create empathy. The plot is completely biased towards action, certainly necessary but not sufficient to involve the viewer.

Nothing to say about the acting hemsworth (The seamstress – The devil is back) and of Waltz (Spectrum): it’s excellent and not disgusting. The first is perfect for the role of the handsome man, whose physique expresses strength and agility. On the other hand, however, he seems far from sick: one wonders, does he really have a tumor? How can he be dying? For its part, Waltz plays well the role of the cunning entrepreneur who works on the edge of legality, a reassuring character but also manipulative, sometimes sneaky.

We are in line with Squid Game

Maybe the reason why most dangerous game does not convince us, it is because we have in mind a similar but extremely more solid product: squid gamethe series netflix Korean that won over fans and non-fans of survival games.

Thriller, drama and horror in a dystopian reality, inserted into the ordinary world but well hidden. All these elements, although in different proportions, are present in squid game a sin most dangerous game. Also in the film, there is a father who needs money to guarantee a future for his family and a “generous” and cordial man ready to offer a solution. At the heart of the American product, however, there is not a character reduced to extreme poverty as in squid game, but a successful young man. The film is intended to criticize the American healthcare system, but fails to realize its political intent.

In conclusion, most dangerous game it’s an action movie that doesn’t say anything new: it has all the ingredients to work but doesn’t have the strength to outperform the competition.