Netflix ‘The Big Shot Game Show’: 5 things to know about Brazilian reality TV

It’s a new year and Netflix is ​​bringing to the screens a brand new show that also revolves around new opportunities. Yes, you heard right, because “The Big Shot Game Show” is the new reality series dedicated to entrepreneurs.

The Netflix series is a 6-episode show that will see various entrepreneurs with big dreams and big plans compete to make them a reality. Pitching their ideas and products to a judge and viewers, their fate is in their hands as they hope to secure the required funding. Before you read on to find out more about what awaits you in the Brazilian reality competition, check out “Shark Tank” and “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor” if you like entrepreneurship!


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When is “The Big Shot Game Show” coming out and where to watch it?

“The Big Shot Game Show” will air on February 9, 2022. You can watch it exclusively on Netflix.

What is “The Big Shot Game Show” about?

According to Netflix’s official synopsis, “Four bold and creative entrepreneurs will get to develop and show their products to a technical jury and 100 other consumers in this reality show led by presenter Eliana and produced by Floresta Produções. Entrepreneurs will have to prove why their ideas deserve a chance with a good financial investment.In each episode, 4 entrepreneurs present their products and are put to the test by a special jury and 100 people from the public in a contest that gives 200 thousand reais to the best deal of each round.

Who stars in the Netflix reality series?


Eliana Michaelichen Bezerra is a Brazilian television host, actress and singer. Born on November 22, 1973, the actress knows from the age of nine that she will become a great artist and insists on becoming a model. Her first television appearance was in the “Meu primeiro sutiã” advertising campaign and at the age of 13 Eliana auditioned and was chosen to be part of the musical group “A Patotinha”. She was part of the group for four years, which had great success with the song Baile dos Passarinhos and then joined the musical group ‘Banana Split’.

She has worked as a presenter for various shows such as ‘Bom Dia & Companhia’, ‘Mestres do Ilusionismo’, ‘Eliana na Fábrica Maluca’ and more. She will be the host of the next Netflix reality show.

Luana Génot will be the show’s permanent judge.


“The Big Shot Game Show” is brought to Netflix by Floresta Produções.


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