Owner of Kaleidoscope Parties on ITV’s game show Tipping Point

A WARRINGTON business owner has taken over ITV’s game show Tipping Point.

Adam Reid, who runs children’s entertainment company Kaleidoscope Parties involving magic nightclubs, is a fan of the Ben Shephard-hosted show and wanted to try his hand at a potential £10,000 prize.

The 34-year-old said: “Another aspect of my business is ‘accelerated quiz’ and I run pub and company quizzes in a game show style so I thought why not apply for some. make one myself.

“I’ve always loved Tipping Point and watched it with my kids. They love it because they love 2p machines when we are on vacation.

Adam, who has been entertaining for 12 years now, started with three counters and in the first round if you get a good question you can put a counter in the machine or send your opponent off – there were two. Instead.

After being picked by his opponent to make the first effort and getting a Land Rover question wrong, it wasn’t the best start.

But Adam, who was living in Golborne at the time of filming, answered a TikTok question correctly and four counters fell in his path, earning him £200.

And following another correct answer on an anagram of the planet Mars, he won the penalty pot and was awarded up to £550 after the first round.

He answered 45 seconds of questions and got two good, which led to two counters to use and two knocked down, meaning he was on £650.

Unfortunately for him, opponents Oona and Nkeru both had better luck with their counters after correct responses, leaving them on totals of £900 and £850 respectively.

This left Adam out of the game after the second round.

Adam said as he left, “Thank you, Ben, I had a great day.”

The now Wigan resident has thoroughly enjoyed his experience and is looking forward to testing himself on game shows again.

“The experience itself was very surreal, and there was definitely a mix of nervousness and excitement at the start of filming – the machine is also smaller than I expected,” Adam said.

“Even though I didn’t win, it certainly made me thirsty to be on another game show and try my luck again because it was so much fun.”