Paramount+’s ‘Halo’ is a Strong Adaptation of the Iconic Video Game Series (Review)

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One of the most anticipated TV series will affect Paramount + next week, and fans won’t be disappointed. Halo is an original series based on the mega-popular Xbox franchise that launched in 2001 and has sold over 82 million copies. Like the video game, the Master Chief, Spartan-117 is the main character who battles an alien race called the Covenant. While there are other characters from the series who are also featured in the game, the Paramount+ version is an original story that will intrigue fans.

Pablo Schreiber (Thread, Orange is the new black) plays Master Chief and unlike the video game, viewers can see his face. It sparked controversy online, but since this is a TV series and not a first-person shooter, it makes sense that Master Chief would be unmasked for the sake of the story. Dr. Halsey (Natasha McElhone) is also featured in the series and plays a vital role in the battle with the Covenant and humanity. There’s also Cortana, who is voiced by Jen Taylor who also voiced Cortona in the video game series. Cortana isn’t featured too much in the first two episodes, but that will change as the season progresses.

(Photo: Adrienn Szabo/Paramount+)

Schreiber’s portrayal of Master Chief is harsh, but he shows the right amount of emotion to make viewers root for him. McElhone understands what Dr. Halsey is and what she needs to be for Master Chief to be successful, which makes her very likable. Additionally, the overall style of the show is similar to what is seen in video games. With a budget of $200 million, the producers of Halo makes the world look like a space adventure, but not star wars Where StarTrek. From the layout of the world to the appearance of the Covenant and supersoldiers, Halo is one of the most visually beautiful shows on TV right now.

But the only person who stands out is Kwan Ha Boo played by Yerin Ha. Kwan is an original character in the series and becomes close to Master Chief after being the sole survivor of a community that was attacked by the Covenant. Ha holds her own as Kwan, as she is able to have more freedom with her character since she is not part of the video games. Although Master Chief is not one to have feelings for anyone, he shows compassion for Kwan and ensures that she remains safe from the Covenant and United Nations Space Command.

This is another interesting thing about the series. Master Chief being self-aware after an encounter with a certain object, he battles with the UNSC who are monitoring Project Spartan-II. As Master Chief continues to bring down the Covenant, he also finds out where he came from since all he knows is being a super-soldier.

Halo has the right amount of action and storytelling to make it one of the best shows so far this year. The fact that the show has already been renewed for season 2 shows that Paramount+ sees something in the show as well. There will be tough guys Halo fans who will not enjoy the series for various reasons. But this series isn’t your average video game adaptation, which is a good thing.