Paula Bennett on becoming a game show host after politics

Paula Bennett relishes the second season of TVNZ charades show Give Us A Clue.

The former National Party MP and minister, who left politics in 2020, hosts the show, which is split into two teams led by Hilary Barry and Tom Sainsbury.

She told Breakfast on Tuesday that facing a game show was never part of her plan, but it was also what made it so exciting.

“I’m 53, I had a tremendous opportunity to reinvent myself slightly at that age, having had such a great public and controversial career, let’s be honest, anyone in politics if you’re trying to make a difference, the people will like it or they won’t.

“So to have something so fun, irreverent, go for it, people see that side of me, it’s kind of cool and I think it should send the message that you never know what’s coming your way, and sometimes you have to seize opportunities and go for them.”

She’s now a grandmother, so combined with her work in TV and her business opportunities through real estate company Bayleys, she’s doing things that were outside of her comfort zone and enjoying it.

Matty McLean appeared in an upcoming episode. Jenny-May Clarkson had been approached, but admitted she wasn’t interested as she didn’t think she was funny and capable of letting go.

Bennett and McLean disagreed.

“Jenny-May, I have your number now,” Bennett admonished with a smile.

Watch Give Us A Clue at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday on TVNZ 1