Playism Game Show 2022 scheduled for January 2022

Playism has announced that the Playism Game Show 2022 will arrive this weekend in Japan, where the publisher will showcase its latest games.

Playism Game Show 2022 will premiere on January 23 at 4 p.m. Japan time and will be streamed via YouTube (both English, Japanese), Niconico, and bilibili. The broadcast will include a game stream by live broadcasters towaco and NAMARIKIRIN.

The new broadcast is Playism’s first official event since they postponed their TGS 2021 live stream indefinitely, following the fiasco where they removed Kson from their Tokyo Game Show live stream.

To recap: Kson was announced alongside several other popular personalities to host the Playism Tokyo Game Show 2021 livestream, only to have her quickly removed without a proper explanation.

Fans speculated that this was likely due to angry Chinese imperialist users on Chinese site Bilibili, who were outraged that Kson was included. Playism initially attributed the confusion to a lack of planning and confirmation of details with all parties involved regarding the guests.

Chinese users’ outrage is due to an ongoing (highly speculated, unofficial) rumor that Kson used to portray anime vtuber Kiryu Coco, who got in trouble for mentioning Taiwan during a report on his own measurements on a livestream. Although this was not confirmed by Kson herself, the outrage alone was enough to get her removed from the event.

We’ll report on the event as the games are revealed and showcased.