Post-Game Review: LSU 27, # 15 Texas A&M 24


Texas A&M No.15 led LSU with two minutes left after wiping out a 10-0 deficit, but an 85-yard touchdown with 20 seconds left gave the Tigers a 27-24 victory in the final home game. ‘Ed Orgeron.

Trailing 20-17 in the fourth and facing the third and -8, Zach Calzada rushed forward, escaped the pressure and found Jalen Preston near the sideline. The spreader cut through midfield and made his way 32 yards into the end zone to give A&M their first lead of the game with 7:33 to go.

The Texas A&M defense held on with a crucial save, highlighted by the Aggies’ fifth sack of the night as DeMarvin Leal and Tyree Johnson reached out to LSU’s Max Johnson.

However, the Tigers recovered the ball with 1:58 left after a quick A&M three-and-out. On the punt, it looked like Demani Richardson had taken the ball away from Trey Palmer, but officials ruled that Palmer’s forward progress was halted before the out.

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LSU came in for 85 yards for a winning TD celebration in the dying minutes.

Taking over at their 15-yard line, Max Johnson rushed for five, but on the next play Clemons came home for his fourth sack of the game. A five-yard pass set up the fourth and 7, and Max Johnson connected with Jack Beck for 11 yards before finding Jaray Jenkins for 31 yards at A&M 39. Another 11-yard completion moved the Tigers at A & M’s 28 with 31 seconds left. A touchdown at Jenkins gave LSU the lead late.

LSU blocked Texas A&M’s hasty attack as the Aggies gathered just 54 yards on the ground. The Tigers beat the Ags, 412-296 overnight.

The Tigers opened the game with a 50-yard field goal and early in the second quarter Max Johnson landed a 45-yard touchdown pass to Jenkins to take the Tigers’ lead to 10-0.

A&M responded two orders later.

Calzada kicked off A&M’s next possession with a nine-yard pass to Ainias Smith before Isaiah Spiller pulled off a nine-yard rush. Calzada connected with the quick Achane for a 23-yard pickup before tying with Wydermyer for 14-18 from LSU. Facing third and 5 to 13 and an all-out blitz, Calzada pulled a strike with his back foot at Muhammad for a huge touchdown.

Just before half-time, Max Johnson connected with Palmer on a screen pass. The receiver brought home 61 yards with 32 seconds left to give LSU a 17-7 advantage at the break.

The second half started slow for A&M, but a 40-yard pass from Calzada to Muhammad in A&M’s second set put them in the red zone. However, A&M settled for a 33-yard field goal from Seth Small while reducing the deficit to one possession.

Micheal Clemons and Leal offered a massive sack from Max Johnson to the third and -10 as Aggie’s defense continued to balance. Muhammad’s 17-yard return from the Atkins punt gave A&M the ball inside LSU’s territory.

Despite the favorable position on the pitch, A&M’s attack was left empty as Calzada threw three consecutive incomplete completions. Constantinou’s punt was just caught by Palmer at the LSU 12-yard line.

GROWS: Jalen Preston and Micheal Clemons deserve match balls. Preston had three passes for 57 yards and his first two touchdowns of the season. Clemons turned up the heat in the second half and finished the game with 3.5 sacks.

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After a third conversion, Davis-Price crushed Leon O’Neal Jr. for a 29-yard gain against the 43 A&M. Max Johnson then hit Jenkins for 13 yards to give the junior wide 100 yards on reception overnight. On the third and -9 in the 29th, Max Johnson shot incomplete as Cade York’s 47 yards gave the Tigers a 10-point advantage.

A steady dose of Achane started A&M’s next possession as the second student rushed for 46 yards on the first three plays. A pass to Achane for 16 yards moved the Aggies into the red zone. In the second play of the final quarter, Calzada found Preston for a 15-yard touchdown.

Needing a save, the Texas A&M defense proved to be important as Clemons registered his second sack of the game. In third and 15th, Malik Nabers dropped a screen pass, allowing Aggie’s defense to leave the field with about 13 minutes to go.

By settling in their 36, the Aggies went out to three. Constantinou’s seventh punt of the night traveled 42 yards and was just caught at LSU 22.

Clemons continued to be a one-man wrecking team, sacking Max Johnson for a loss of seven on second base before Richardson got the QB on the blind side in the very next play. The 15-yard punt return de Muhammad gave the ball to A&M at LSU 45. A&M took the lead on the next possession, but a Hollywood script hampered the Aggies.

After snatching defeat from the clutches of victory, A&M concludes the regular season 8-4 and will now await their bowl destination, which will be announced next weekend.

GROWS: Jalen Preston and Micheal Clemons deserve match balls. Preston had three passes for 57 yards and his first two touchdowns of the season. Clemons turned up the heat in the second half and finished the game with 3.5 sacks.

TROUBLE : Texas A&M’s pass defense allowed Max Johnson to separate them on the game’s most important drive as the LSU signalman led the Tigers on an 85-yard winning drive.

UNKNOWN HERO: Sure, Texas A&M struggled with the football, but it was Devon Achane who started the attack in third with rushes from 21 and 18 yards, respectively. The junior fullback amassed 49 yards on 12 carries, but added 72 receiving yards. Achane was the Aggies’ first rusher and first receiver.

TURNING: That last LSU drive was heartbreaking. Storybook for some, heartbreaking for others.

KEY STAT: 118 seconds. That’s how close A&M came to ruining Ed O’s departure party.

Rating summary

First shift

LSU: 6:22 – Cade York 50 yard field goal. Drive: 13 games, 44 yards. UP: 6:22. Louisiana State 3, Texas A&M 0

Second quarter

LSU: 14:12 – Max Johnson passes from a 45-yard touchdown to Jaray Jenkins. Drive: 4 games, 66 yards. UP: 1:56. Louisiana State 10, Texas A&M 0

A&M: 4:31 – Zach Calzada passes from 13 yard touchdown to Muhsin Muhammad III. Drive 7 games, 73 yards. UP: 3:46. Louisiana State 10, Texas A&M 7

LSU: 0:32 – Max Johnson passes from a 61-yard touchdown to Trey Palmer. Drive: 2 games, 62 yards. HIGH: 0:34. Louisiana State 17, Texas A&M 7

Third quarter

A&M: 8:09 – Seth Small Field goal from 33 yards. Drive: 10 games, 63 yards. UP: 4:42. Louisiana State 17, Texas A&M 10

LSU: 2:29 – Cade York’s 47-yard field goal. Drive: 9 games, 59 yards. UP: 3:23. Louisiana State 20, Texas A&M 10

Fourth trimester

A&M: 2:22 p.m. – Zach Calzada passes 15-yard touchdown to Jalen Preston. Drive: 7 games, 75 yards. HIGH: 3:07. Louisiana State 20, Texas A&M 17

A&M: 7:33 – Zach Calzada passing 32 yards to Jalen Preston. Drive: 6 games, 45 yards. UP: 2:34. Texas A&M 24, State of Louisiana 20

LSU: 0:20 – Max Johnson passes from 28 yard touchdown to Jaray Jenkins. Drive: 9 games, 85 yards. HIGH: 1:38. Louisiana State 27, Texas A&M 24