Post-Game Review: State of Kansas

This game was ridiculous, it probably should never have been played. LSU essentially had no players and played a wide receiver at the quarterback position. LSU has a new coaching staff, a few returning players and a fresh start. This fresh start can be difficult for a while, but it is absolutely necessary. With that said, don’t take anything from this game. Just the level of competition and fun displayed by Jentre Kirklin. He’s a legend for that. So, this will all be really about Jentre Kirklin.

to sum up

Come on, this game was a total farce. If you want a reader-by-reader recap, there’s one on ESPN.

Film review

Jentre Kirklin was at times quite dangerous with the ball in his hands. If LSU had come up with a better designed / called game plan in the racing game, he could have had a big day in the field.

For a receiver, that’s a hell of a good ball. He hasn’t played for QB for a long time, but Jontre Kirklin can turn him around a bit! It’s their 989 concept, which the Bengals are now using to generate 9 sideline balls at Ja’Marr Chase. Fairly good Kirklin 9 ball. The guy can legitimately throw the ball. It’s crazy to see a wide receiver making shots like that. He can’t really do a read but he’s even a QB so whatever.

It’s an absolute BOMB. It’s like 50-55 yards in the air just on the money. For a WR this is absolutely crazy. I’m pretty excited about Chris Hilton too, I loved him as a rookie and it’s a shame he spent most of this year injured. I look forward to what he will do next year.

I had to put it here, it’s one of the best shots of all year in college football. Skylar Thompson is legitimately talented, it’s a shame he hasn’t been able to stay healthy and play in an attack that can take advantage of his true passer talent.